Welcome to Guess the Emoji game, the hottest mobile guessing game in town! Developed by Conversion, LLC and available for all iOS and Android devices (meaning that you can play it on your iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android – powered smart gadgets), this awesome game challenges you to guess over a thousand emoji meanings. The game is organized in 120 levels, each of them presenting you with 10 emoji pictures. You have to guess all the emoji meanings one by one to gain coins and level up.

As we said, iOS devices, Android devices and even Windows Phone allow the use of emojis. If you have a smartphone and some time to spend with a puzzle game, Guess the Emoji is the perfect way to learn new emoji meanings (and remember them for future conversations), to engage in a fun activity, train your brain skills and also to share your gameplay on Facebook.

There are dozens of emoji games, all compelling you to guess the emoji definitions and meanings. Developers such as 6waves, AppGeeks, Candywriter LLC.orCamMax created very entertaining games such as Emoji Pop, Guess the Emoji, What’s the Emoji and even Emoji Movies. All of them base their strategy on displaying emoji pictures so you can guess the emoji game answers.

Game Mechanics

This particular emoji game consists of 120 levels, each one featuring 10 emoji pictures. Leaning on your power of perception, lateral thinking and puzzle solving skills, you need to guess each emoji meaning for each emoji picture. The game doesn’t give you many hints, but it allows you to buy some extra clues with the help of in-game coins. While some emoji meanings of the symbols are pretty intuitive, others are quite difficult to figure out. This is why we created complete emoji game answers pages for each level and provided them with emoji game cheats, so you can move past some emoji icon you can’t guess.

Just like many other mobile app games, this one starts off with easier to guess emoji meanings, only to get trickier and trickier. The developers alternate simply – built emoji pictures with some complex ones, keeping you entertained and challenged at all times.

In case you get stuck to some picture, you can always make use of the emoji game answers and emoji game cheats we provide. As a general tip, look at each emoji picture as if you were looking at a word – image puzzle: the more sense you make of each icon in relationship with the others, the easier you will reach the solution.

Guess the Emoji Game Technical Data

The game has received its most recent update on the 1st of May 2015, so it’s pretty fresh. This update not only brought with it some new content (over 200 new questions), but also numerous bug fixes, enhanced performance and so on. The current version (version 6.10) has a 4.5 star rating (out of 5 maximum) on the iTunes app store, and the thousands of reviewing customers are more than pleased with it.

The game’s download size is of only 13.6 M, so it will definitely not eat up a lot of space on your mobile device (smartphone or android), considering that most other game apps are around 40 M. It requires iOS 7.0 or higher, so it may only be compatible with some systems and smartphone models. The game has been optimized for iPhone models from iPhone 5 and up, and it’s also compatible with iPads and iPod touch as well. But enough technicalities, let’s take a look into the historical background of emojis: what they are and where they come from.

Emoji Meaning

What is an emoji, you might ask? If you are familiar with emoticons, then you already know the “smiley faces” are yesterday’s news. Nowadays, people all over the world use emojis as a means to engage in coherent conversations simply because the emoji art allows them to write entire funny emoji stories and have meaningful talks with the help of no words whatsoever. Not that there’s anything wrong with words per se, of course, but sometimes it can be fun to forego them, especially when you’re replacing them with something as fun and suggestive as emojis.

Emoji History

At first, the emojis were used only in Japanese electronic messages and webpages. The first emoji was created around 1998 or 1999 by Shigetaka Kurita, a team member of NTT DoCoMo. The ideograms were meant to facilitate communication and become a distinguishing feature from other competing services. The feature soon became a hit and spread much further than the original Japanese online environment it was intended for.

In October 2010, hundreds of emojis were encoded in the Unicode Standard in version 6.0. While the core emoji set as of Unicode 6.0 consists of 722 characters, as years passed by, there were many new additions brought to the original set. The additions were mainly requested by Google and Apple.

Present Days

An additional group of approximately 250 emojis, many of which were adopted from Webdings and Wingdings fonts, are included in Unicode 7.0. The main emoji categories are: People, Nature, Objects, Places, Symbols, Flags and New Emojis.

Each character has an official name, defined as part of the Unicode standard. According to experts, the character set of emojis will increase in the future, with additions being considered by the Unicode Consortium.  On the Unicode website there is information suggesting that as of January 2015, future emojis taken into account for being added to the system include sports equipment articles (such as the cricket bat), new facial expressions and symbols for places of worship.

Emoji Support

Emojis are supported by Android, iOS and OS X, Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows and even Linux. You will find emojis on Facebook and Twitter too. All the more reason to get to know as many as possible through this game, considering you’ll be encountering them virtually everywhere from now on.

Emojis – New Means of Communication

With the emoticon era over, emojis are the new way to express big ideas with small pictures and characters. Popular on social media and among smartphone users, emoji have been seriously considered an innovative and reliable means of communication in a fast tech – developing world. A few tech specialists consider some emoji meanings to be confusing, as some emoji icons are pretty straightforward, while others can lead to multiple interpretations. What you should know is that, according to Unicode standards, “while the artwork for each emoji varies by platform, the meaning of each symbol remains the same.”

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