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Logos Quiz Answers Level 4

The logo quiz has become very popular iPhone game and we felt glad by the responses of our readers presented for the level 3 cheats for logo quiz.  Here we are proud to reveal logo quiz answer level 4 to you hoping that you would get your answers easily to succeed in the completion of the logo game level 4. The readers are able to crack the company name by taking the help of hints.  Though, we have suggestion for you to take the look on certain logo only if you had already spent around 15 minutes to identify the name of the company and still not succeeded.The answers provided in our website are many and may possess other level answers too, so take the answers for the only logo you are interested in and asked in the logo game level 4. The logo quiz is really amazing and we understand your curiosity for the logo game.  Definitely, the logos are sometimes very difficult to identify when the particular company has not been recognized by you. We hope you would like our presentation of cheats for logo quiz. You can also share these level 4 cheats to your friends on different social networking sites.  By sharing these you indirectly appreciate our effort and other’s would appreciate your assistance in the logo quiz game.

air france logo quiz Anic black logo Aquafina blue mountain Aril green and blue particle logo Atomic red pointer
Avon silver n quiz level 4 Bayer circle with BY letters logo quiz billabong black and white quiz bluetooth blue logo bp green and yellow sun shape
breil black lines logo quiz answer bridgestone black and red B logo burton black arrow cadillac camper red logo with white MP letters
corvette black and red joined flags logo dhl yellow box with red writing hint level 4 discovery blue logo dolby black logo quiz hint dragon black logo quiz
dr pepper burgundy color logo quiz hint level 4 blue ss logo quiz hint Red xx logo quiz answer level 4 silver circle with burgundy color inside logo quiz answer joined earth balls logo quiz hint
red F letter logo quiz level 4 orange circle logos level 4 silver G letter with orange background logo quiz blue square G letter logo Double L and T letter hint

gsk letters in orange background logo blue shoe with wings logo quiz level 4 gordons logo quiz answer haagen dazs logo quiz hertz black and yellow logo quiz
blue H letter logo quiz answer Blue M letters logo Blue IV letters quiz level 4 Green JP letters logo quiz Man in black suit logo quiz answer
KFC logo quiz Red double k logo quiz level 4 Red square white L letter logos quiz Silver shield logo red circle
orange circle bird inside brown shield logo Blue circle white M inside level 4 green logo quiz answer Nato blue logo
gold square black N hint red square logo white mountain black sky logo quiz silver lion logo quiz answer silver leaf logos quiz
Porsche shield gold logo Red square RB white letters logo quiz green triangle level 4 answer Silver car sign logo quiz level 4 black ex letters quiz answer
rip curl logo quiz hint blue circle diamant shape inside logo level 4 blue square yellow bird inside level 4 logo blue s letter logo level 4 Subway green logos quiz
green and red logo quiz level 4 hint blue and white triangles logo quiz answer red letter I sign logo quiz level 4 Black T letter logo quiz hint blue and red lines logo
Vodafone silver and red logo logos quiz answer red women logo quiz hint black and white logo red square with white bird logo quiz hint Red circle with silver X logo quiz level 4
Zurich blue circle z inside answer level 4

AIR FRANCE – The Air France is one of the world’s largest Airline services, the logo consists of blue letter E followed by slightly bent red band actually forms the national flag.
ANIC – Company sponsors extreme sport events and headquartered in Pamplona, Spain, the logo of the company is presented as black cube with three open side stands.
AQUAFINA – It is a brand of bottled water products produced by Pepsi co inc., the logo contains rising sun behind the mountains chain.
ARIEL – It is a marketing line of laundry detergents made by Procter & Gamble, the logo seems like chemical molecule actually combination of three inter-woven circles and unclear brand name on it.
ATOMIC – Ski producer located in Altenmarkt, Salzberg, Austria, the company logo is presented as bright red triangle looks like a star
AVON – The US cosmetic, perfume and toy seller company, the company logo is letter N and missing previous letters and underneath slogan “the company for women”
BP – It is fourth largest company in the world and one in six oil and gas “supermajors”, the logo has big flower with centered as white followed by yellow and green petals.
BAYER – Founded in Germany in 1863 by Friedrich Weskott and producing the brand aspirin, the logo posses silver color letter B, and Y at center of the shining circle and some missing alphabets.
BILLABONG – The Australian company sells surfwear and accessories, the logo has rectangle with some wavy structure inside.
BLUETOOTH – Wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances, the logo has blue and pointed B letter stands on an arc.
BREIL – Italian watch and jewellary company founded in 1906, the logo contains black colored ring when observed exactly.
BRIDGESTONE – The Japanese company produces motor vehicle tires, the company image presents black letter B with red triangle at top left on it
BURTON – Company specializes in a product line aimed at snowboarders: boards, boots.., the logo is letter U with its right arm forming an arrow bended towards left arm.
CADILLAC – An American company belongs to automotive industry, the logo consist of colorful shield and surrounded by silver ring which is little opened at top.
CAMPER – The international shoe company based in Spain, the logo has white capital letters MP written in red background
CORVETTE – The sport car by Chevrolet division of General motors; the first model, a convertible, was designed by Harley Earl, the logo has two wings with left arm as checker board design and right arm as red colored and some yellow designs.
DHL – Division of Duetsche post providing international express mail service, the logo has red italic L with some missing letters before inside yellow rectangular background.
DISCOVERY CHANNEL – The channel provides documentary programming focused on popular science, history, the logo consists of blue earth followed by band on which the channel is written and missing name “Discovery”.
DOLBY – Founded by Ray Dolby in Britain in 1965, the corporate image states white letter D and its mirror image in black rectangle as background.
DR. PEPPER – It is a soft drink company, marketed as having a unique flavor; the company presents horizontal red colored egg shape structure and white eclipse like shade at right end without any letter.
DRAGON – Manufactures snowboard masks, the logo has black colored dragon with wings and face towards up and surrounded inside the black circle.
ELLESSE – The name derives from the initials of Servadior’s name, “L.S” (founder), the logo consist the letters of double S above which yellow and red semicircular crown is seen.
EXXON – Chain of gas stations as well as brand of motor fuel and related products, the logo posses’ letter X in which the left line extends towards right side down and intersects with other line that forms two X in red color.
FIAT – The Italy’s largest car maker founded by Giovanni Agneli, the logo has purple rectangle surrounded with silver shiny circle
FIFA – Headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland, and its current president is Sepp Blatter, the logo has two earths overlapping to each other showing all continents in the two and presented in the form of football.
GAP – American clothing and accessories retailer based in San Francisco, the logo contains navy blue background with letter G at left side.
GALP – Portuguese corporation engaged in activities such as natural gas supply, the logo consists block letter G presented in 90 degree angle inside of the orange color rhombus.
GILLETTE – It is the brand of Procter & Gamble currently used for safety razors, the company image presents small, italic letters l and t twice.
GLAXO SMITH KLINE – Global pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company, the corporate image states text “gsk” written in white color inside of orange color triangle
GOODYEAR – Manufactures tires for automobiles, trucks, race cars and airplanes, the logo has the black long shoe with some white stripes and wing at back.
GORDONS – Brand of London dry gin produced in the United Kingdom, the company image presents Fox head as trade mark inside the circle with written ESTD 1969.
HAAGEN DAZS – It is brand of Ice cream, established by Reuben and Rose Mattus in NY, the logo contains brown color wavy ring forming a small loop two sides.
HERTZ – The company was purchased by John D. Hertz in 1923, the logo consist of the word “Hertz” presented in shadow style and z shown in yellow color.
HILTON – Chain of full service hotels and resorts founded by Conrad Hilton, the logo contains blue color letter H and wavy laces surrounding it.
HUMMER – Manufacturer’s of luxury SUV’s and trucks, The logo of the company is presented in the black, bold letter M twice.
IVECO – The Industrial vehicle corporation, the logo has roman numeric IV in blue color.
JEEP – An automobile car manufacturer, the logo consists of green letters J and p with some distance in between.
JOHNNIE WALKER – It is brand of Scotch Whisky, originated in Kilmarnoch, Ayrchire, Scotland, the company logo is presented as walking man wearing black coat with stick in hands.
KFC – Chain of fast food restaurants based in louisville, Kentucky, the logo has contained red dressed old men in red background.
KODAK – Multinational US corporation which produces imaging and photographic materials, the logo consists of letters “K” and “k” at two ends inside of rectangle with yellow border.
LEGO – The colorful interlocking plastic bricks and various other parts, the logo has letter L in italic style and black bordered presents at middle left of the red background.

LINCOLN – It is an American automobile manufacturing company, the logo consists silver and vertical rectangle with cross inside extends outside.

LUCKY STRIKE – It is brand of American Cigarettes, often referred as “Luckies”, the logo contains big red circle surrounded by white, grey and brown rings with no text.
LUFTHANSA – the name of the company comes from the German word for “air” and Hansa (a medieval trading group), the logo has blue bird flying in circular yellow background.
MG – It has two letters M_ and a British sports car manufacturer, the logo has golden horizontal stripes in the octagonal shape with brown color border.
MOVISTAR – Spanish broadband and telecommunications provider in Europe and Latin America, the corporate logo states letter M in a greenish color and cartoon style
MOTOROLA – American based multinational telecommunications company, the logo contains letter M in white color inside of blue circle
NATO – Inter governmental military alliance based on the North Atlantic Treaty, the logo is presented as the white star and surrounded circle in the blue rectangle background.
NIKON – Its products includes cameras, binoculars, microscopes, measurement instruments, the logo consists of letter N written at left bottom of the yellow color with white shaded background.
PARAMOUNT – The company was founded in 1912, is located at 5555 Melrose Avenue in Holywood
The logo has an ice mountain behind which black big moon surrounded with small stars present.
PEUGEOT – The Bicycles, cars and motorcycles manufacturer, the logo has the silver lion standing on its feet.
PIAGGIO – Fourth largest producer of scooters and motorcycles in the world, the logo consists of silver vertical leaf present inside of blue colored hexagonal background with silver border.
PORSCHE – A German automobile manufacturer, Cayenne and Boxter are some models, the logo has golden shield with horse at the center and two opposite corners consists of black and maroon bands.
RAY BAN – The products were introduced for the United States Army Air corps, the logo consists of white letters “R.B” in the red rectangular background.
REEF – It is a brand of casual sandals, known as flip – flops, the logo has two bright green bands in which the bottom is straight and top one is angular.
RENAULT – It is a French car and vans manufacturer, the logo has the silver and sparkling rhomboid shape.
REXONA – It is deodorant brand manufactured by Anglo Dutch company Unilever, the logo consists of simple and black letters “ex”.
RIP CURL – The company initially produced surfboards and web suits, the logo has red color curly C letter with the horn reversed.
ROXY – The fashion apparel brand for young women launched by Quicksilver, the logo posses’ heart shape surrounded with white designed border in blue circular background.
RYANAIR – It is an Irish low cost airline with its head office at Dublin Airport, company image presents the yellow flying angel in blue background.
SEGA – The name is derived from service games, the logo of the company is presented as blue letter S.
SUBWAY – The American restaurant that primarily sells submarine sandwiches (subs), the logo is written in green and unclear text “SUBWAY” with arrow at both ends.
TDK – Manufacturing electronic components and recording and data storage media, the logo has blue and white triangles combined to form a diamond structure.
TAG HEUER – The Swiss luxury watch maker known for its sports watches and chronographs, the logo consists of green rectangle at top and red pentagon at bottom both bordered with white individually and forms together geometrical structure.
TEXAS INSTRUMENTS – The company develops and sells semiconductor and computer technology, the logo is presented as small letter “i” in red color present inside of white “t” surrounded with irregular red background.
NORTH FACE – Sells products for climbers, mountaineers, skiers, hikers, the logo consist of half white shape dome of three layers in the middle right side of red background.
TISSOT – The Swiss watchmaker company founded in 1853 by Charles- Felicien Tissot, the logo consists of White letter “T” in black background followed by country’s national flag.
UNITED AIRLINES – It is the major airline services based in United States., the logo looks as two “U” with inside as blue and outside as red.
VODAFONE – The name comes from Voice Data FONe, the logo consists of red colored numeric 6 inside of white circle.
WELLA – The German Company and one of the world’s leading cosmetics suppliers, the logo consist of pink picture of women face and her hair.
WiFi – A device with this technology enabled can connect to the internet wireless, the logo has rectangle with half as black and other half as white.
WINSTON – Brand of cigarettes manufactured by R.J.Reynolds Tobacco Company, the logo posses the white flying bird with red head on red background.
XEROX – Products: printers, Copiers, Scanners, Faxes, Projectors, Displays, the logo is presented as red ball with white and silver stripes on its surface.
ZURICH – Major financial services group based in ZURICH, Switzerland, the logo consist of white colored letter Z in blue circular background.
FOX – The American television network owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, the logo has bright red O shape with hollow vertical band at center.
FOSTERS – “The Amber Nectar” in Australia and the UK, and “Australian for Beer” elsewhere, the logo consists of letter F in red color inside of yellow O in blue background.

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