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4 Pics 1 Movie! level 5 answers

4Pics 1Movie by Game Circus is made to make you guess the movie title with reference to four different pictures displayed in the App. The players have to recognize the titles of the movies by looking of the pictures and picking the right letters. If you find difficulties in playing 4 Pics 1 Word! app then need not to bother, we are here to assist you. We have provided the solutions to all levels of this movie quiz. So don’t panic and go through the game with our post. We hope you would love the level 5 cheats of 4Pics 1Movie!.
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Level 5-1: The Lion King
The crowned Lion;
A symbol of Lion;
A god like man;
The small lion cub;
The film is about the Lion named Simba and its friends filmed in Africa.

Level 5-2: Blow Dry
The woman with 2 flying hears.
The woman dried the hair with blow dryer.
The dresses are dried on the rope.
The woman imagine of 3 faces
The story about woman who active in hair, dressing, and won Championship.

Level 5-3: Sixteen Candles
16 in two different colors with beautiful background
16 put on the cake.
Three steps cake with 16 on the top
16 candles are arranged on the cake.
The story of a girl whose family does not bother of her birthday due to other sibling marriage.

Level 5-4: Dirty Dancing
The palm print in white background
The white and pink heart shaped cups
Shadow of couple of dancing pairs
The boy and girl are dancing.
The story of a girl who loves to her instructor.

Level 5-5: Footloose
The foot based on the toes.
The two guys lied.
The man holding the heart in the emotion
The beautiful woman ware blue dress.
The movie is about the young man who struggles and fights for the dancing.

Level 5-6: Monsters Inc.
The boy toy with green face
The green colored animated picture
The four color bottles.
The pen with leakage ink
An American comedy animated movies of monsters whose work is to fear the children.

Level 5-7: Wild Hogs
The running pig animation
The wild pig having two teeth
The face of a pig contains hair like a lion.
The man standing beside the bike
The movie is about the four friends who are tired of living daily life and seeing for adventure.

Level 5-8: Attack the block
The two persons are beating to each other
The man holding the chest with pain
The ice cubes 3 in number
3 squares arranged in pyramid shape containing A, B, C in colors
The movies are about the predators from outside world and fight against them.

Level 5-9: Star Trek
The bright star in the sky
The star kept in the sand
The two persons near the mountain
The hand kept like star with fingers.
The story is about the science fiction of twenty third century and of planets where the people live.

Level 5-10: Layer Cake
The bunch of bread slides
The glass with colored liquid
The round shaped cake with number of candles
The piece of the cake
The thriller movie about a man who becomes rich by selling drugs.

Level 5-11: Panic Room
The woman shouting and covered the mouth with two hands;
The women seeing at time and realizing is late;
The spacious room with wooden floors;
The locked door with many locks;
Thriller movie made about the burglars present in the house.

Level 5-12: Role Models
The man throwing two red dices
The chocolate bites
The two models walking on the ramp
The toy of train
The comedy film of two sales people who are punished to perform social services for their offences.

Level 5-13: Spy Kids
The hiding spy seeing to back
The spy fully covered with black dress
Children lied on the ground with holding books
Children playing
The story of spy kids is amazing and parents of kids were also spies before their marriage.

Level 5- 14: Scent of Woman
The woman smelled the rose flower
The woman holding and grasping the fragrance of scent with closing eyes
The woman smelled her under arms
The symbol of feminine in pink
The story of Charlie who is not rich and gets the job as temporary assistant and struggles there.

Level 5-15: The paper chase
The some people holding the hands to each other and to form a line.
The bunch of white papers
The couple of men running in a line
The animated picture contains a running man in yellow background.
The movie is based on the novel of the law student at Harvard University.

Level 5-16: Grizzly Man
The bear sitting and seeing sides
Two bears have open mouth face to each other like quarreling
The symbol which is chooses male in genetic terminology.
The man holds the bear on his back.
The documentary movie is made about the man who has faith with accompany of bear.

We hope that you have great time in playing the level 5 of 4Pics 1Movie and you found the answers are useful for you to identity the movie title. You will make us happier by sharing the link of these cheats on various social networking sites for your friends to easily find when in need. So enjoy the game circus and we will back with level 6 soon. Take care!

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