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4 Pics 1 Movie! Level 10 Answers

Are you in need for level 10 answers of 4Pics 1Movie! App by Game Circus? Have a look for the cheats below. Identify the right movies and enjoy future levels of this fantastic quiz. Some of the movies have similar pictures, making you the life more difficult. Don’t quit, cheat, if you desperate need it and go on with 4 Pics 1 Movie game. Please make these solutions of level 10 useful for your friends by sharing them on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter.
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Level 10
Level 10-1: Airplane
The big Airplane flying in the sky;
The red airplane on the road;
Paper plane flying;
This movie is about a taxi driver who becomes a pilot and is rejected by his girlfriend.

Level 10-2: The fly
A boy holding a red toy;
Big eagle flying in the sky;
Big fly on a green leaf;
This is a science based horror movie, about a scientist work and a journalist that make an experiment.

Level 10-3: Boiler Room
Silver boiling pot in the kitchen;
Big empty room with light blue carpet;
The boiling operation room;
The movie is an American thriller, about a 19 years old turning into a criminal although his father is a judge.

Level 10-4: The piano
Beautiful baby lying on the floor;
Three small cats singing on the rack;
Asian girl playing the piano;
New Zealand romantic movie about a pianist and her daughter.

Level 10-5: Face Off
Three ladies faces;
Silver turn off sign;
Two hockey players ready for action;
Man and woman head to head;
The story of an FBI agent who lost his son.

Level 10-6: Payback
Money offered from a person to another;
Man hand holding different currency;
The X-ray picture of back of a human;

Level 10-7: The Doors
Some doors models with glass;
Very modern closed glass doors;
Double wood door;
The movie is about a man driving along a desert and contemplating his childhood, his family and school days.

Level 10-8: Short Circuit
Two pairs of shorts
Green CPU;
The power circuit in blue;
It is an American science based comedy movie, about the built of the U.S military robots to be used in the cold war.

Level 10-9: The Iron Giant
Women ironing;
Black pan with wood stick;
Big and small persons face to face;
Tall and short men standing next to each other;

Level 10-10: Twins
Two babies wearing swimming googles;
The two boys wearing same outfit and holding their hands;
Small babies lying on the bed;
Two twin girls;
The movie is a funny comedy about twins burned through a genetic program.

Level 10-11: Pillow Talk
A white pillow on blue background;
A woman covering her ears with a pillow;
The picture contains three orange icons;
Young couple holding their hands in bed;
Single women living in New York could lead to a relaxing romantic film.

Level 10-12: The Onion Field
Plenty of onions;
Spring onion leaves;
Crop on the field in sunrise or sunset;

Level 10-13: Back draft
A lady receiving a massage;
The fireman fighting the fire;
Women having a pint of beer;
This is an action thriller about firefighters in Chicago.

Level 10-14: Green Lantern
The bulbs brightening with green color;
A green pitch;
A red lamp;
White light on a green wall;

Super hero American symbol.

Level 10-15: April Fool’s Day
Several balloons arranged in a room;
A man with red cap plays trumpet;
The animated picture of a clown;
The calendar icon;

Level 10-16: The Ice Storm
Big iceberg;
Three ice cubes;
Frozen sea near north pole;
Horror movie about two families, who have to deal with political and social threats.

We hope that the level 10 cheats for 4Pics 1 Movie! were useful for you. We will be back with level 11 answers soon. Stay in this fantastic

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