Some of you let us know about a new game from Game Circus that has difficult levels for some of you. The game is 4 Pics 1 Song for Android and iOS. Here we start with the 4 Pics 1 Song Level 1 Answers page! Hope you know your music well and hope you will find these 4 Pics 1 Song answers as useful as you found the ones related to the logos and movies quizzes. Enjoy the show and see you in next levels!

Billie Jean
Call Me Maybe
Gold Digger
Ice Ice Baby
Candy Shop
Rocket Man
American Pie
Poker Face
Piano Man
Jar of Hearts
Party In The USA
Thrift Shop

Level 1-1: Billie Jean
Song about a goat
Picture of a pair of denim jeans
Icon of Michael Jackson

Level 1-2: Call Me Maybe
Blond women inviting to call
Man and women exchanging phone numbers
Song about women with long hair
Undecided women

Level 1-3: Gold Digger
Image of a gold treasure
Women empty an old man’s pockets
Gold extraction
“Go west” sign

Level 1-4: Ice Ice Baby
3 Ice cubes
Beautiful baby in photo
16 pictures of babies

Level 1-5: Candy Shop
Different types of candies
Women with a shopping basket

Level 1-6: Blackbird
Song about 4 different pictures of crows or black birds

Level 1-7: Rocket Man
Set of rockets pointing the sky
Masculinity sign
Rocket into space
Man flying song

Level 1-8: American Pie
US territory designed in US flag
The American eagle
Two pictures of a pie

Level 1-9: Poker Face
2 Aces and women holding 2 poker cards
Different photos of people smiling

Level 1-10: Piano Man
Black piano and the male sign should have been enough to guess this song
No need for the man playing

Level 1-11: Jar of Hearts
Again, a simple one Jar full of hearts

Level 1-12: Fireflies
Big fire in a forest
Airplane in the sky
2 Images of some fireflies

Level 1-13: Party in the USA
People having good time
Man with tie and sunglasses
American flag

Level 1-14: Clocks
This is to easy to crack

Level 1-15: Milkshake
Glass of milk
2 men shaking hands
Women enjoying her milkshake

Level 1-16: Thrift Shop
Stack of clothes
Shopping girls
Woman in the shop

Level 1 was easy. Game Circus has chosen the songs and images to be easy to guess. Starting with Level 2, 4 Pics 1 Song gets harder and harder. We are here with solutions in case you need hints or answers to some of the quiz.