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4 Pics 1 Movie! level 9 Answers

4Pics 1 Movie Level 9 is amazing and has a good riddles about movies. Here are the level 9 cheats to get you out of trouble in the game. Do not delay now and get the answers to be winners in the game. Just go through the level 9 solutions and get the desired answer of specific question.
level 9 answers green leaf with dew, rain, male 4 pics 1 movie, team, latter A level 9 answe
4 pics 1 movie level 9 answer beach bucket, santa, to do list photos with cats in boots 4 pics 1 movie angry girl, buy in a corrner

iceberg, running 4 pics 1 movie fairy tale, animals ocean waves,balerina, writting 4 pics 1 movie americal flag, knife
4 pics 1 movie answers bear, birds, girl in red skirt precious stones, dark forest motorcycle,rope walking,devil

Level 9
Level 9-1: Jaws
The human skull with blue jaw;
The opened human jaw;
The fish catch by gun;
The orange and white color shells like picture;
The movie is an American thriller, about the lady who killed by a shark.

Level 9-2: Rain Man
The black cloud with rain;
The green leaf contains water on it;
The sign of feminine in blue color;
The person jumping in the currency rain;
The movie about a young boy who is working as car dealer.

Level 9-3: The A- Team.
An alphabet A in red and white lines;
The letter ‘A’ written on die;
The people holding their hands and make a team;
The team of players in blue jersey;
It is an American action-adventure thriller movie, about a man who held captive at Tuco’s ranch.

Level 9-4: Air Force One.
The air force 6 planes flying in the sky;
The single plane is flying;
The logo of air force;
The digit 1 in green color;
The movie is an American action-thriller, about the American and Russian joint military force about the Kazakhstan terrorism.

Level 9-5:Cabin Boy.
The small hut in a forest;
The picture contains a boy drawing on the wall;
The boy raises the hand and shouting;
The animated picture of a boy dressed like a super man;
This is a comedy film about a boy who suffers in island for took the Hawaii.

Level 9-6: The Bucket List
The corn in the bucket;
The yellow bucket and red spoon;
The paper pad with clip;
The picture of Santa clause;
The movie is a comedy, about the two persons who make friends in hospital by joining with a cancer.

Level 9-7: Puss in Boots.
The cat sitting in the shoe;
The cat inside the red boot;
The cat sitting on the pair of shoes;
The cat dressed like a king;
The movie is an American computer animated action and comedy, about the two cats became lovers.

Level 9-8: Problem Child
The person was wrote something on the board;
The lady sitting and listing to a man;
The small girl opened mouth with angry;
A boy standing to the corner facing towards wall;
The movie about a boy who changed from cruel behaviors to a normal kid.

Level 9-9: Cool Runnings
The brown colored bottle;
The big ice burgs;
A girl running on the road;
The animated picture of a child sitting on the dolphin;
The movie is a sports film about the two time gold medal winner who disqualified the next time by cheating.

Level 9-10: The Jungle Book
The green forest;
The group of animals playing in the water;
The animated picture contains the bird reading a book;
The animated picture of a bird with trees;
The movie is an American animated film about an orphan boy lives in jungle with cubs and tiger.

Level 9-11: Point Break
The person pointed to others;
The lady sitting and raising her one leg;
The hand holding a pencil and writing something;
The Ocean with waves;
The movie is an action about the FBI agent how catches the bank robberies.

Level 9-12: American Psycho
The flag of an America;
The Magician wore the hat like American flag;
The hand holding a knife;
The person shouted like a psycho;
The movie about the rich man, who lived like a killer on the other side.

Level 9-13: The Artist
The animated picture of a boy holding a stick and a wheel;
The man catching a doll;
The dancer sitting on the chair and holding the hat;
It is the comedy film about a lady who became an artist.

Level 9-14: Bye Bye Birdie
The lady holding a bag and saying to Bye;
The bear say to Bye;
The white doll sitting on the tennis bat;
The many yellow parrots sitting on the branch;
This is the musical and comedy movie about the three peoples who had the music background.

Level 9-15: The Dark Crystal
The light focused on the water;
The light on the table which is in a dark room;
The white and pink colored big stone;
Three blue and white colored balloons;
This is a fantasy movie about a boy who sent with his master for to find a magical crystal.

Level 9-16: Daredevil
The man riding on the bike;
The person holding the rock and hanging;
The standing on the rock;
The animated picture of a face in red color;
The movie is about a blind lawyer, who lost his eyes in an accident with acid.

We hope you have got all the answers perfectly and enjoyed 4 Pics 1 Movie! App by Game Circus – level 9. Good luck with level 10 and don’t forget: we are always here with cheats. Take care.

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