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4 Pics 1 Movie! Level 3 answers

It is hard to wait 3 hours after solving one level as Game Circus request after each level solved. We have no solution for this, other than playing 4Pics 1 Movie! on more devices. We can only provide cheats for Level 3 of this fantastic game and help you with those answers that don’t easily come into your heads.
You can use the 3 hour break to watch one of the movies mentioned in the quiz or reading some of other readers comments at the end of this post.
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1. Babe
Mother with children, woman with gun movie;
Pictures of a baby with green towel and a pink pig;

2. Knight and day
Knight with a sword;
12th day in the calendar;
Half sun half moon movie;
Knight on a hors picture

3. Fast Five
Grey hound running;
Bike performing a wheelie;
Open hand with 5 fingers movie;

4. Bad Santa
Santa smoking movie;

5. King Kong
The lion is the king of the animals although it doesn’t have a crown;
A gorilla on top of Empire State building movie icon;

6. Brother Bear
Picture of 2 boys;
2 bears playing;
Bear icon movie;

7. After Earth
Before and after losing weight;
Movie about before and after hair gaining;
Earth Planet in blue and red;

8. Blue Crush
Blue diamond movie;
Pack of smashed cans;
Beautiful wave;
Man on the beach;
The word “blue” was easy to spot. The name of the movie is “Blue Crush”

9. Identity
ID Badge, ID Print, ID Paper and a passport can easily make you guess the movie ”Identity”.

10. Beauty Shop
2 icons of women;
A lot of beauty products arranged in circle give you a hint about the name of the film;
The shopping bags picture determines the word “Shop”;
Women in a beauty salon unveils the full title of the movie;

11. Shopgirl
Shopping bag or shopping cart;
Pink icon of a woman;
The difficulty stays in the fact that the name is written in one word;

12. Road trip
Beautiful straight road;
Yellow sign with bumping man;
Earth Planet covered in roads;
Movie about red car with many people inside;

13. Looper
Women knitting;
A road that make a loop like a mountain rousse;
An airplane performing a loop would have made this movie easier to guess;

14. Balls of Fury
Tennis ball, orange ping-pong ball movie;
2 men screaming at each other;
Angry man picture;
15. Gladiator
2 gladiators with helmets fighting – take a guess and insert Gladiator 

16. Apollo 13
Movie about a Greek God on a stamp;
2 astronauts’ icon;
Picture of a man with a harp;
A pen looking like a rocket;

Some of your comments on Facebook:
Greg from San Antonio: 4Pics 1Movie cheats! is the greatest app I have on my iPhone; it’s just that I get stuck sometimes and gets frustrating. Thanks for your site guys!
Anna from Greece sent us a joke. Bill Gates idea about Polygamy: It’s not Polygamy is multitasking. 

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