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Bible Trivia Questions and Answers Levels 161 – 180

There aren’t many Bible Trivia questions and answers left, but there are enough for you to be compelled to use our Bible Trivia game answers. The game developers were quite tricky, mixing Bible Trivia app audio clues with written questions. In case you have no clue what the correct solution to a challenge is, come on over this Bible Trivia online walkthrough. We have all the Bible Trivia answers listed here, level after level. In case you didn’t know, this Bible Trivia game for kids, teens and adults started to be turned into an educational tool. Parents and teachers use it to introduce the little ones in the world of Bible studies, and the results are spectacular. Once you spark the kids’ curiosity and love for new Bible facts, they will want to learn and know more.

Bible Trivia Levels 161-180

BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 161 Question: Audio clue. ANSWER: ADVERSITY BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 162 Question: Jesus said: That the son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men and be crucified and on the third day _____. ANSWER: RISE BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 163 Question: Jesus said: Come to me all who _____ and are heavy laden and I will give you rest. ANSWER: LABOR BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 164 Question: One of the men spying on the Promised Land. ANSWER: CALEB BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 165 Question: The first time the word Christian is used. ANSWER: ACTS BIBLE TRIVIA QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS LEVEL 166 Question: Jesus said: If you then who are evil know how to give good _____ to your children how much more will your father who is in Heaven give good things to those who ask him! ANSWER: GIFTS BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 167 Question: Jesus said: For whoever does the _____ of my Father in Heaven is my brother and sister and mother. ANSWER: WILL BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 168 Question: Jesus said: I Jesus have sent my angel to testify to you about these things for the churches. I am the _____ and the descendant of David the bright morning star. ANSWER: ROOT BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 169 Question: He washed his hands on the decision to execute Jesus. ANSWER: PILATE BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 170 Question: He was thrown into a den of lions. ANSWER: DANIEL BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 171 Question: Guess the scene. ANSWER: PIGS BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 172 Question: Audio clue. ANSWER: UNDERSTAND BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 173 Question: Jesus said: Have you come out as against a _____ with swords and clubs to capture me? ANSWER: ROBBER BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 174 Question: Old Testament Book that says human longevity is 100 and 20 years. ANSWER: GENESIS BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 175 Question: He had a psychedelic robe his brothers hated. ANSWER: JOSEPH BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 176 Question: This young lady was raised from the dead by Peter. ANSWER: DORCAS BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 177 Question: Audio clue. ANSWER: GOOD BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 178 Question: Guess the scene. ANSWER: SAMSON BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 179 Question: Jesus said: A prophet is not without honor except in his _____ and among his relatives and in his own household. ANSWER: HOMETOWN BIBLE TRIVIA ANSWERS LEVEL 180 Question: Audio clue. ANSWER: CREATION

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