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4 Pics 1 Movie! level 8 Answers

Hello friends, we are back with cheats for 8th level of 4Pics1Movie!. Most of the movies we know but some of them are not recognizable even after getting those 4 pictures. So, here are the missing answers of level 8 to continue the game. We are doing our best to make your life easier with this quiz.
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giraffe, dog, man holding house 4 pics 1 mobie monsters, tenis ball blong woman with bebe , ant 4 pics 1 movie graduate, school

4 pics 1 movie answer, plant, nature, ladybug sword, boy, grass, broken arm pisa tower, 4 pics 1 movie men on the ledge,grass
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Level 8-1: Aliens
The lighting from the sky on the earth;
The animated picture in green color;
The animated picture with spectacles;
The six animated dolls in two rows with different colors;
The movie is about a lady, who is the survivor of the space freighter.

Level 8-2: The Birds
The bird on the tree stem;
The flying bird;
The no of yellow parrots standing on the branch of the tree;
The tree branch contains three parrots;
The movie about the lady, who wants to buy love birds for her sister’s birthday.

Level 8-3: Spider-man
The black spider man;
The three spiders form a net;
The male sign in a green circle;
The boy in spider man dress;
The movie about a school boy turned into a spider man.

Level 8-4: Meatballs
The flesh cut into two pieces;
The many playing balls;
The meat curry;
The boiling meat pieces in the bowl;
The movie presents a village where the food falls from the sky.

Level 8-5: Animal House
The sun rises on the animals;
The person holding a small puppy house;
The dog in his house;
The one dog seeing to another dog from a hole of his house;
College dean how faces the troubles through others.

Level 8-6: Monster’s Ball
The animated picture in orange color;
The six animated pictures in a three rows in different colors;
The big yellow ball;
The animated picture holding a ball;
American romantic film, about the lady whose husband was going to die.

Level 8-7: Antz
The mother carrying her baby;
The picture contains many ants;
The ant holding the leaf;
The animated picture of an ant;
Fully computer animated film, showing an ant colony trying to cross a river.

Level 8-8: Old Scholl
The person got the degree;
The couple seeing something;
The windows of the room;
The laptop in class room;
A business man who met his friend after a long time after breaking their relation.

Level 8-9: A Bug’s Life
The bee in red and black color;
The animated picture of a standing bee;
The hands holding a plant;
The life circle of tree from seed;
Computer animated flick about an ant that protects his colony from insects.

Level 8-10: Sling Blade
The boy playing a stone throwing game;
The man holding his broken hand in a plaster;
The big knife with handle;
The green grass;
A man who lost his mother and also his girlfriend lives in a small village.

Level 8-11: Tower Heist
The huge tower under the sky;
The thin pointed tower;
The man flying up;
The animated picture of a boy standing beside the box;
This film is about the build a tower with an idea of one person.

Level 8-12: The Edge
The man standing on the rock edge;
The road in the edge of the sea;
The stick on the edge of the gross field;
The scale with measurements on the both edges;

Level 8-13: Golden Eye
The golden apple;
The sitting dog in a brown color;
The open right eye;
The closed left eye;
Action movie with scenes filmed by helicopter.

Level 8-14: Act of Valor
The man singing with an action;
The persons get down from the height;
The animated picture of a sleeping frog;
The animated picture of a worrier;
A terrorist killed the president of USA, his son and also many other children with a vehicle.

Level 8-15: The Big Red One
The animated picture of a big and a small doll holding their hands;
The numbers written on the red background;
The red colored double bus;
The big no 1 in red color;
Position of the soldiers after the World War-II.

Level 8-16: The Odd Couple
The three spikes arranged in a pyramid shape which is contains the odd numbers like 1,3,5;
The odd no’s 1 3 5 7 9 written in gold color;
The dog in a black color;
The man and lady are standing;
The movie is an American comedy about a person who is decided to die.

We hope you have got all the answers you needed for 8th level and you are ready to go level 9. We will be back soon with 4 Pics 1 Movie! level 9 answers for you.

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