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4 Pics 1 Movie! Level 11 Answers

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Level 11
Level 11-1: Air Bud
Three blue arrows coming from the white box; Cold air blown from air conditional device;
Ski jumps performed by a men dressed in blue coat;
Picture of a small white dog catching the basketball ball with his mouth;
Funny flick about a basketball player.

Level 11-2: Batman
The bat with a ball;
The flying black bat;
A person in a batman outfit;
Face painting of a boy;
Everyone knows Batman. It is one of the best hero movies.

Level 11-3: Mars Attack!
Mars Planet covering the Sun;
Earth and Mars in the same Solar System;
An alien holding the Earth globe;
The title says it all. Aliens attack our Planet. Spoiler alert: we win the war.

Level 11-4: Out of Time
The EXIT sign hanging on the wall;
One person directing to another;
Clock attached to a red bomb;
You have to guess an American thriller about an innocent police officer.

Level 11-5: The Karate Kid
Two people fighting with each other using karate technique;
An icon of a small girl practicing karate;
Flying boy dressed in a white shirt;
Great movie for young boys. A kid learns how to fight from his master played by Jackie Chang.

Level 11-6: Robin Hood
A bird standing on a branch of a tree;
Four blue bird eggs in a nest;
Man hiding under a sweeter looks like Assassin Creed promo;
Animated picture of a boy holding the bow and arrow;
Robin Hood is a man from the medieval age in France that fights and steals from the wealthy for the poor people.

Level 11-7: Chain Reaction
Chain painted in rainbow colors;
Picture of a man covering his mouth with his hand;
Draw of a boy;
The film is about a young student who works with his team to discover proper ratio of Hydrogen and oxygen molecules in water.

Level 11-8: Robocop
A robot without head;
Red hand of a machine;
Animated icon of a police woman holding her photo;
Police agent directing traffic;
Robocop help the police force to re-establish order in a city under chaos.

Level 11-9: Tango & Cash
The couple dancing together;
Picture of a lot of cash money;
The heart symbol arranged in a pile of dollars;
The film presents 2 persons investigated for murder.

Level 11-10: The Howling
Lonely wolf in the moon;
A small dog barking in a phone;
The picture of a boy painting on the wall;

Level 12-11: A Perfect World
A picture of a woman holding a paper which contains letter A in a circle;
100% ratio written in a circle with blue ink;
The Earth Globe in our Solar System;
The map of the Earth in an old format;

Level 12-12: Silkwood
Silk worm on the yellow ball;
Brown wood chair and a wood door;
The film is about a lady who worked in an oil corporation.

Level 11-13: The Wild Bunch
Big Rhino making sure her babies are safe;
Tiger picture in black and white;
White and dark grapes in the vineyard;
The movie shows a gang who decided to score a big robbery in rail road office.

Level 11-14: The Bulb
Rose color poured in a semi-circle shape;
White stain in an amoebic shape;
Blue and green color animated animals contains mouth and an eye;
The movie makes us think about the importance of Obsolescence which is created by the idea of a group of business people.

Level 11-15: The Cotton Club
Tree containing two cotton clubs;
The field with cotton plants;
Club in a deck of cards;
Bag full of different sizes of clubs;

Level 11-16: Dangerous Mind
Baby eating;
The icon of a human brain;
Short old man holding a book;
A classic about a school teacher trying to change some young students perception about life..

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