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4 Pics 1 Movie! level 7 answers

Hello friends, waiting for the 4Pics 1Movie! level 7 cheats? We offer you the answers below. Those who got stuck in game due to some of the movies names can look for answers to finish the level. So why wait just look for desired answer of the level 7 to reach level 8. You could also share this level 7 4 Pics 1 Movie solutions to your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
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Level 7-1: Clerk
The picture of a boy and girl standing;
The man holding his hands behind and standing in red T-shirt;
The woman working in a shopping market;
A woman showing her dress;
The movie is about two clerks working in store and don’t bother of their customers.

Level 7-2: Monkeys
The picture of monkeys;
Face of monkey;
The monkey in suit;
Animated picture of monkey;
The movie is made about monkeys devastating the human existence on the planet.

Level 7-3: Heavy Metal
The animated picture contains 3 dolls holding a rod;
The person shouting with anxiety in the space;
The silver plate contains poly holes;
The people dancing with happiness;
The animated movie is created on the story line of an astronaut landing back on the planet and his family meeting.

Level 7-4: Men In Black
The man standing in a black suit;
The black color male sign in a yellow background;
The black dog in a white background;
The person wearing a black suit and holding the candle with flame;
The science fiction movie is based on the spy agency and their employees work to observe the alien existence in earth and their arrival.

Level 7-5: Star Wars
The silver star in a black space;
The two teams playing the pushing & pulling game with a rope;
The worrier in black;
The two needles crosses to each other;
The movie is based on science fiction and story line is robots are established in the space and galaxy to save human existence from aliens.

Level 7-6: Total Recall
The big ring in silver color with shining;
The person travelling in a vehicle;
The hand shows a pointing finger contains a thread;
The holding telephonic receiver kept in a side;
The science fiction movie is about the factory worker whose memory is used by the government agency as spy.

Level 7-7: Smokin’ Aces
The half burned cigarette;
The animated picture in a black and white color;
The animated picture in a brown color;
The picture animated in white and red colors;
The story is based on the life of magician and his protection from the FBI against the mob.

Level 7-8: Flash dance
The machine contains wings;
The torchlight with light;
The dancing couple;
The people dancing in a light;
The picture is romantic and story about a high dream girl to become a professional dancer and lack of dance academies.

Level 7-9: Iron Eagle
The steel iron box;
The big iron gate;
The iron eagle;
The image with iron;
The story about a young man who aspires to become air force pilot like his father, but rejected to be select and rescues his father who get trouble in Arab country.

Level 7-10: The Fighter
The woman practicing a boxing;
The lady player practicing her game;
The shouting sports man;
The boxing player;
The story about an Irish man whose dream was to became a professional boxer and champion trained by his brother.

Level 7-11: Splash
The pole dips in water;
The boy walks in water with an umbrella;
The person in heavy raining;
The animated picture of a lady like a fish;
The story about a boy who is go for vacation and went to the ocean and found a girl and want to stay with girl.

Level 7-12: A Time To Kill
The wall clock;
The clock like a box for keeping something;
The car and a man dolls;
The person with a green shadow covering an animal;
The story about an assault of a black girl, who was survival with the two men.

Level 7-13: Step Brother
The many steps in white and red color;
The man standing with one lag in running position;
The photo of two kids;
The couple sitting on the steps;
The story about two brothers who lives with parents and are not interested to do the job.

Level 7-14: Mallrats
The two ladies holding language and walking;
The persons on the x-later;
The animated picture of a monkey;
The picture of a standing dog;
The story about two friends who losses their girlfriends and trying to reached again.

Level 7-15: Casablanca
The white ring;
The picture of a house;
The big white villa;
The man wearing a suit and a hat;
The story about a proprietor of a night club who fight for Spanish civil rights.

Level 7-16: Titanic
The ship on the see in a vertical position;
The couple holding their hands and jump into water;
The movie is about the beautiful love story between the high society girl and a poor boy in the civilian ship which is sinking into the ocean.

We hope you have got the answers and finish the level 7 of 4Pics 1 Movie! You can also see the Game Circus level 8 answers that will be posted soon. We wish you good luck and stay with us to see the next level answers.


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