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4 Pics 1 Movie! Level 1 answers

Some of our visitors asked for answers for a new movie quiz. 4 Pics 1 Movie! By Game Circus is indeed a great trivia game and after we played a few levels we started to feel addicted. We have decided to help all of you that don’t have an exhaustive film knowledge but you like this movie quiz.
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movie with 11 and water or ocean image movie answer image with eye, two hearts, 2 men and hand 4 movies one pic ballet, swan and black rabbit for pics one movie answer alien and cowboys

red carpet, finish line and golf movie movie with hitchhiker a wedding and trailer war shipps movie answer 4 pics one movie hears and medal pictures
photos with sky and icecreem and vanilla answer girl holding letter A, baseball player and 98% red fruit pulp, fantasy land and robot gardening movie answer 4 pics

level 1-1: Toy Story
Several toys made of wood;
Family playing together;
Nice lawn;
Animation film presenting the story of a boy’s toys and adventure these toys are forced to encounter.

level 1-2: Fight Club
2 guys in a boxing ring;
Martial art icon;
Golf clubs;
Poker symbol: club
Excellent movie, Brad Pitt and Edward Norton make great role; a piece of art;

level 1-3: Leap Year
2 people jumping from a cliff;
29th of February in Calendar;
2014 calendar:
Athlete jumping over obstacles;
Romantic comedy about a woman who decided to take the initiative with her boyfriend; more of this and it will be spoiler alert.

level 1-4: 21 Jump Street
One man jumping from a cliff;
2 people jumping;
Beautiful street with houses;
Very hard this movie to guess. A picture with 21 number would have made it easier to spot.

level 1-5: Ocean’s Eleven
Blue wave;
Ocean picture;
Eleven o’clock;
2 white lines on the red floor;
One of the biggest heists described in a movie. A lot of top actors.

level 1-6: I Love You, Man
Finger pointing;
2 red hearts;
2 men in black and white;
Human organ explained;
One of the well-known quote is: Peter always connected better with women.

level 1-7: Black Swan
Black rabbit;
Black car picture;
White swan;
Black ballerina;
The story of a young and talented ballerina that in the pursuit of the best performance looses herself in the role of Black Swan.

level 1-8: Cowboys & Aliens
2 cowboys icons;
An alien;
The film present Arizona in 1873 when a spaceship lands and try to take over Earth.

level 1-9: Almost Famous
Hollywood star picture;
Red carpet symbol;
Golf hole with a ball very close by;
A semi autobiographic movie about a kid wanting to become a rock star;

level 1-10: Hitch
2 grooms in white;
Picture with 2 caravans;
Bold man hitchhiking;
Hitch Caravan mover;
Will Smith is a guy that helps men to get their dream women. He follows in love with one girl and the synopsis of the movie is basically his effort to be with her.

level 1-11: Battleship
3 old barrel guns;
Very big ship;
Army ship;
Battleship Game;
Not easy to guess, this movie is a military science fiction based on the board game with the same name.

level 1-12: Braveheart
Gold and blue medal;
Black heart;
Red heart;
Courage icon;
Historic movie about the Scottish War of Independence in 13 century. The film won 5 International Awards and was nominated to 10.

level 1-13: Vanilla Sky
Vanilla sticks and flower;
Clear sky;
Cloudy ski;
Romantic story about a guy that have an accident and tries to live his live after a medical procedure which is in fact only in his dream.

level 1-14: Pitch Perfect
Throwing baseball;
100% icon;
Girl with A+ note;
Musical film produced in 2012.

level 1-15: Pulp Fiction
Pink Grapefruit;
Fiction blue mountains; Like from the moon;
Orange dish – white plate;
Dark comedy directed by Quentin Tarantino.

level 1-16: Garden State
Gardiner tools;
Women with pink watering can;
State of all elements: solid, liquid, gas;
Blue picture: New Jersey State;
A film about a young guy that returns home after 10 years for his mother funeral.

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