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The Impossible Quiz Answers


If you got your hands on the famous The Impossible Quiz game, and you’re looking for the Impossible Quiz answers, then you’ve come to the right place, as we have a mind-bending new challenge for you! The game was created by inXile Entertainment, a company well known for creating one of the most frustrating and entertaining mobile app games of all times!

They also created The Bard’s Tale and Choplifter HD, but Impossible Quiz is their struck of genius. The Impossible Quiz game is beyond anything you imagined, as it doesn’t feature regular questions, eliciting “normal” answers. It pushes you to think way out of the box, to pay attention to the smallest of details and make connections where apparently there are none.

We have to warn you from the start that the game is quite complex and allows you to make only three mistakes. If you do, you’ll have to start over again. And again. And again, until you decide you need our answers to the Impossible Quiz in a row! Think about a trivia game and a puzzle game all in one, with answers so weird and so hard to figure out, you’ll want to scream in anger and frustration.

But with more than 100 million players in Google Play and over 50 million players in Apple Store, this game is an absolute brain trainer and one of the most entertaining solutions you get to spend some free time laughing.

Let’s take a look over the Impossible Quiz and see its main highlights:

  • It comes with 110 levels.
  • Each “question” comes with four possible choice answers.
  • You have to press the correct answer to move to the next level.
  • You can play it on Android and iOS.
  • You can get all the Impossible Quiz answers by touching the screen or hovering over it.
  • You are given three lives and you lose one each time you give a wrong answer; after losing all three lives, you start the game all over again.
  • You will receive SKIPS along the game. They look like green arrow-shaped Power-ups which let you skip a particular question in the game – if you really find it impossible to solve.
  • Some questions come with exploding bombs: they are time dependant and if you don’t give the correct answer until de bomb detonates (1 to 11 seconds), you lose the game. If the bomb detonates before you give a correct answer, the GAME OVER message pops up and you have to start all over again.

We are here to deliver you all the Impossible Quiz answers, but first we will make sure you get these two important The Impossible Quiz cheats:

  • Don’t use the provided SKIPS at all, under any circumstances! You should use our answers to the Impossible Quiz instead and keep your SKIPS for the last question in the game, you will need them.
  • If you are playing this game in Flash, NEVER use the TAB key to highlight clickable objects. If you do press the TAB key, you’ll get a GAME OVER and have to start all over again, as the game developers attached an algorithm to end the game if players use the TAB.

The Impossible Quiz Tech Specs and Highlights

Even if the game was initially developed in Flash, today you can play the upgraded versions for Android and iOS as well:

  • It runs on Android 2.2 and upwards;
  • It runs on iOS 3.0 an upwards, being compatiblewith iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • It runs smoothly on almost all smart devices and it includes interesting and innovative touch screen solutions.
  • It requires only 30 M of storage on Android.
  • The last update in 2014 cleaned the game of previous older bugs and removed the ads.
  • It is affordable as an in-app purchase in Google Play. If you are entitled to discounts or personalized offers, you can get it at a very compelling price.
  • It comes together with new HD retina display graphics.
  • It is rated 4.5 stars by users in both Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • The graphics are silly enough to keep you entertained and amused.
  • Depending on how good you are on getting the Impossible Quiz answers correctly, or how fast you are on using our The Impossible Quiz cheats, you’ll have some fun for hours in a row.

There are a few The Impossible Quiz highlights you also should be aware of:

  • The game has some… embarrassing sounds, so you should play it with the volume turned off especially in crowded public places, such as the subway or while waiting in a line or a waiting room.
  • The interface might annoy you as it looks silly, but keep in mind this is silly entertainment, so you will end up enjoying it.
  • The game is rated 9+ on some platforms and is not rated at all on others. Keep in mind it contains a few mild offensive jokes, crude humor, mild cartoon fantasy violence and mild profanity.
  • This is a comical mobile app game which uses sounds and music which are coherent with its main entertainment purpose. However, you can also mute the game if sounds like flatulence and screams are not your cup of tea.

The trickiest part of The Impossible Quiz is to get all the 110 correct answers without using your available three lives and your SKIP options. Given the fact that you have a limited amount of time at your disposal and also ticking and exploding bomb, it’s better you keep the Impossible Quiz cheats and the Impossible Quiz answers we provide close by. This will ensure your success – as you won’t have to start the game over and over again.

This is one of the most popular games ever released and was considered for many years the world’s hardest quiz. The questions are getting trickier and trickier and you have to pay attention to all details. There is a large amount of sick logic behind each and every one of the answers to the Impossible Quiz. You have to remember answers from previous Impossible Quiz questions to move past newer challenges and make notes of some things you already found out in order to solve new tricks.

This is one of those games that train your brain, bend your mind, and really confront you with cognitive problems. So, make sure you work that brain of yours to not lose lives and get the Impossible Quiz answers. Since this is a true roller coaster and a challenge not many are up to, make sure you use the Impossible Quiz walkthrough we provide at full potential.

The Impossible Quiz Answers, Game Play and User Experience

IF you feel ready to use your out-of-the-box logic and train your mind wheels properly, let’s talk about the answers to the Impossible Quiz before getting to the Impossible Quiz cheats pages we built for you.

As we said, each question or challenge is a multiple-choice task with four possible solutions. You can choose one of them, or none of them, at times. You have to think fast and use all the elements in the picture. We are talking about the words in the question and the question number themselves.

After you get an answer you will be thrown into the next question with no mercy. Solve all the tasks and beat the game, it’s that simple.

However, the game is not simple at all. Good news is that we will teach you how to beat the Impossible Quiz by giving you all the Impossible Quiz answers and Impossible Quiz cheats in help pages containing ten levels each.

How Can You Get All the Impossible Quiz Answers Correctly?

The impossible game answers are tricky, to use a metaphor. They are actually impossible to figure out if you use conventional ways of thinking. You need to forget everything you know and remember all other trivia and puzzle games you played before.

We will be here every step of the way. When solving the levels, take a good look at the Impossible Quiz questions and the provided answers to Impossible Quiz. If you have the time, always check your own solution against the Impossible Quiz answers we have on this website. If not, use directly the Impossible game online cheats we have and move forward into the game. We don’t only offer the cheats for the Impossible Quiz like other quiz sites do, but also the explanations on why a certain answer is the correct one, so you can understand the logic.

Waste no more time and play the game! Remember, use the Impossible Quiz answers we provide and beat the game! Impossible Quiz is an adult-oriented game which is addictive and challenging. So, use your brain and our Impossible Quiz answers and turn the impossible into possible! Good luck and have fun!

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