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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 101-110

You entered the Impossible Quiz answers realm known by the name of “The Epic Ten!” This means you have only ten more Impossible Quiz answers to nail before you beat the game celebrate your victory! But are you able to get the Impossible Quiz answers? We bet you are, especially since we have the Impossible Quiz cheats right here! Ten more challenges and you can brag about solving the world’s hardest quiz in only one trial! Many people managed to get all the answers to the Impossible Quiz eventually, even after 10+ restarts, but this is not the case with you! Look closely at the questions and read carefully all the Impossible Quiz cheats! Since we have the Impossible Quiz answers right here, let’s go through the Epic Ten challenges with flying colors and beat this game!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 101:  CHIHUAHUA – You have a keyboard on your screen so you have to type Chihuahua on it. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 102: AVOID THE SQUARES AND TOUCH THE RED DOTS ONLY – Easier to be said than done, but again, it’s not impossible to achieve the desired result. Roll over your cursor over the red dots and click on them, avoiding the squares. In one section of the screen you have only one square but no dot. Wait for the square to disappear. If you miss one red dot you lose a life and have to start the challenge all over again. Keep in mind you only have 10 seconds to finish this task. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 103: FIND DENNIS THE SQUARE TOMATO – Since you have to find something, move the cursor on the screen. In the area where letter C in SEARCH was located before fading away you will find Dennis the Square Tomato. Click / tap to move on. The bomb ticks ten seconds, so be fast! THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 104: CLICK / TAP ON THE BIG YELLOW SAD MOON – Yellow doesn’t have an opposite, so you should click on the big yellow sad moon to go to the next question. You only have ten seconds until the bomb goes off! THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 105: SPELL THE WORD BANANA – In order to spell the word BANANA you need to click on the A in “Apple”, the N in nectariNe, and the B in “gooseBerry.” You only have nine seconds to do so. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 106:  FOLLOW THE ROAD, AND THEN CLICK ON THE ARROW THAT WILL APPEAR ON THE END – Click and hold the LEFT mouse button in the beginning and release it in the end solves the problem here. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 107:  DON’T DO ANYTHING! – If you put your cursor on any of the answer boxes you will get a fake GAME OVER screen. Let it come and go! After this screen, another one will show up saying YOU DO WELL. Wait for them to pass and then proceed. If you click on TRY AGAIN when the fake GAME OVER screen shows up, you’ll be called an idiot and the game will indeed be over. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 108:  4 8 15 16 23 42 – This is the same code you were warned to remember on question 50. See why the Impossible Quiz answers and the Impossible Quiz cheats that we provide are so important? Notice that these numbers are a direct reference to the code used in the famous TV show LOST. After you typed the numbers, click EXECUTE. You have exactly 11 seconds to complete the task. If you don’t, the game will become crazy and fill up your screen with bizarre hieroglyphs, just like in the show. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 109: CLICK SPIDER-MONKEY’S LEFT BUTTOCK REPEATEDLY – You can’t be close to the finish line and don’t have a poop joke on your hands! So click on the Spider-Monkey buttock repeatedly and fast so it can poop an arrow you have to also click in order to move on. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 110: USE ALL 7 SKIPS YOU GOT DURING THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ – Imagine reaching the last level of the Impossible Quiz and not having all your SKIPS available to finish this game! Frustration would be an understatement. So if you used the Impossible Quiz answers and the Impossible Quiz cheats we offered, you should be able to finish the game now by using all your saved SKIPS. Congratulations, you just won the Impossible Quiz!

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