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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 21-30

Let’s nail all the Impossible Quiz answers one by one and understand the tricks, mind-bending logic and sick jokes the game developers challenge us with! We have another batch of Impossible Quiz cheats and explanations, so don’t waste any more time and come on over to get the Impossible Quiz answers! The game gets harder by the minute and you need to pay attention to each and every detail presented on the screen. If you get stuck to some task don’t use your lives and don’t use the obtained SKIPS. Instead, come here and read the Impossible Quiz cheats to beat the game! We encourage you to think and solve the Impossible Quiz answers on your own, but if you can’t, we have the next ten Impossible Quiz answers fully explained right here on this page!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 21:  TOP LEFT OPTION BOX – They told you to watch carefully, so watch carefully and notice a green flash quickly appearing and disappearing. Pay attention and click it fast in the top left option box. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 22:  + 1 SKIP – You don’t actually use one SKIP, but you should click on the +1 SKIP low left option box to move to the next task. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 23:  BRAN – When you save changes to an untitled document you have to give the document a name. BRAN is the only name in the four choice answers you’re given, so it is the correct one. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 24:  CLICK THE “V” IN “LIVES” – Hover with your mouse over the colored square. You will see the message “Click the V in LIVES”. You should click the letter V in the word LIVES you see at the bottom of your screen. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 25: SHOE POLISH – To get this Impossible Quiz level 25 answer you have to know that shoe polish usually contains silver nitrate and silver is known for killing werewolves – if you’ve seen enough movies or read enough books. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 26:  ARSEFACEY – This is the only place that doesn’t exist. The others are real places you can visit in the United Kingdom. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 27:  GO TO 28 – Observe that the question number here is replaced by a question mark. You should have been attentive to the question numbers and know you are now on Impossible Quiz question 27. So logically, you should go to 28 in order to reach the next level. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 28:  ABUNDANCE – You should see that the picture features a dancing cupcake or a-bun-dance. In other words, the correct solution here is “abundance.” THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 29: EGG MAYONNAISE – This is one of the Impossible Quiz answers you can get only by using our Impossible Quiz cheats. How can cardboard have an egg mayonnaise flavor? Well, mayo is used in the cardboard-making process of making sandwiches. It may also be a sick joke of the developers who might believe mayo tastes like cardboard. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 30: CROSS THROUGH THE TUNNEL – You can solve this one by moving the mouse or dragging your finger through the tunnel. You can also solve it by right clicking desperately and obsessively or by left-clicking the mouse, holding and releasing it.

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