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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 11-20

How do you find the Impossible Quiz answers so far? Can you get them on your own or do you need our Impossible Quiz cheats and explanations? Remember to save your SKIPS and never use your lives to solve a level. Instead, come on over and use of the Impossible Quiz answers we provide. In comparison to other quiz sites, we offer you detailed explanations on how to beat the Impossible Quiz. We also help you to understand the sick logic behind all Impossible Quiz questions and all answers to the Impossible Quiz. Some people say this is the world’s hardest quiz, but we’re sure that with your brain and our Impossible game answers you’ll finish the challenge in no time. There’s a long road until the finish line, so let’s get the next ten Impossible Quiz answers!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 11:  “N” – Letter “n” is the second letter following the word DECEMBER in the task. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 12:  THE DOT ABOVE “I” IN “CLICK” – They said to click the smallest, but the smallest blue dot in the picture is the one above letter “i” in the word “click” in the task sentence. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 13:  F’TAANG – This one you should have known or imagined. The game developers are sure that a bell makes a sound similar to F’TAANG. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 14:  TORCH – The trick here is that you should think about the “lighter” bucket in terms of “brighter” bucket. So, putting a torch inside it would make it shine brighter or make it lighter. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 15:  TYPE HORSE – They don’t give you an on-screen keyboard for nothing, do they? So use the keyboard they give you to type the word HORSE. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 16:  H – Another trick: don’t start saying the alphabet in your head to count the seventh letter. Instead, count the seventh letter in the word ALPHABET they already give you in the task. This is how you get the correct answer “h.” THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 17:  CLICK ON THE QUESTION NUMBER: 17 – If you solve this simple math operation you get that 24 – 7 is indeed 17. But you don’t have 17 as a possible answer, do you? Of course you do! Pay attention to all details to get all the Impossible Quiz answers, so click / tap on number 17 you have, in the shape of the question number. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 18:  HAMMER – Click on the hammer inside the clock. The full expression is “Stop, Hammer time!” and is a reference to famous rapper MC Hammer. “Hammer Time” is the artist’s trademarked saying. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 19: BLUE, ORANGE, GREEN, GREEN, YELLOW – The name of the painting you need to color is BOGGY, so click the paint buckets in this order: Blue, Orange, Green, Green, and Yellow. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 20: SEAL! – The correct answer to this task is SEAL! That’s because the correct idiom is “Seal the deal.” YOU GET +1 SKIP HERE.

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