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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 51-60

Congratulation for reaching the Impossible Quiz answers for levels 51 to 60 and the mid section of the game in the same time! If you’re up to it, we have the Impossible Quiz cheats for the next ten tasks, together with detailed explanations on how to beat the Impossible Quiz. It may be the world’s hardest quiz (or sickest). As long as you keep your lives and your skips intact, though, and use the answers to the Impossible Quiz we provide, you’ll be just fine. We’re sure you got the idea on how to solve the next challenges, but if you feel confused, stuck or out of time, just come on over and make the best use of our Impossible Quiz answers and explanations. It’s time to nail the next ten levels so let’s have some fun!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 51:  CLICK FAST ON ONE OF THE CHARACTERS – What you see here are the Spatulon and the Phlovomite. To win this game you have to click fast on one of them to get them to fight. However, the Spatulon will win, as being better, Spatulons always win. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 52: THE THIRD BATCH OF LEAVES – If you know your vegetables then you can recognize the carrot’s leaves in a picture. Click on the third leaves batch in the image and move on. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 53: …BUT PA MIGHT NOT – Another word play to have some fun with here: “Marmite” can be read as “Ma might”. Also, the only logical continuation of the phrase is “…but Pa might not.” THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 54: NO, ABOUT 20 CM OFF THE GROUND – Another slightly sick joke, but we guess you’re used to them by now. Read “Shanghai” as “She hang high”, and answer this question with “No, about 20 cm off the ground.” THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 55: A GAMES CONSOLE FOR WHOLEMEAL BISCUITS – The answer in the top left box would be correct – scientifically speaking, but the Impossible Quiz answers are not about science, but about fun. So the correct definition of the digestive system is “A games console for wholemeal biscuits” to the game developers’ mind. Watch out for the bomb with number 10 written on it. It means you have only ten seconds to answer correctly this question. YOU GET +1 SKIP HERE. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 56:  BLUE, RED, BLUE, YELLOW – Do you remember when we told you should take notes of the Impossible Quiz answers seen on previous levels? The answer to this question is the first code (string of colors) you had to remember on the Impossible Quiz 50 question. Press the buttons in this order. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 57:  ERM… ONE? – They said you should count Dracula. So counting Dracula gives you… one. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 58:  SHEPHERD’S PIE – If you were tempted to say “Blood” you’d be wrong, because blood is liquid. So, it would be a drink, not a food. Shepherd’s pie is the correct answer if you think about it in terms of “Dracula eats pies made of shepherds.” THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 59: CHARGE BY TAPPING/CLICKING QUICKLY – The bomb is ticking – you have only ten seconds to solve this task correctly. Repeatedly click the Shoop da Whoop face until he charges his laser, and destroys the bomb. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 60: ANSWER HONESTLY – The game developers suppose that you went through the game a few times because you answered wrongly, you used all your lives, or you let the bombs explode. So if you didn’t use the Impossible Quiz answers we provided before and you didn’t move past question 59 the first time you played the game, answer NO. If you passed level 59 the first time you played the game, answer YES.

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