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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 71-80

We hope it’s the first time you reach the Impossible Quiz answers for levels 71 to 80 and this isn’t your tenth attempt to finish this game. Of course, people who use the Impossible Quiz cheats we provide finish the game in only one round, without spending their lives or their skips. You will find the Impossible Quiz answers to sometimes defy logic and common sense.  The game, however, is meant to amuse and entertain, while making you work your brain and bend your mind. From this point of view, it did a great job. The Impossible Quiz is advertised as the world’s hardest quiz and maybe it is. Of course, only for those who don’t use the Impossible Quiz answers and the Impossible Quiz cheats we provide. So let’s nail some tricks and move on!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 71:  CLICK ON ANY OPTION BOX WHEN IT TURNS GREEN – You don’t have to figure out much on this challenge, but be fast enough to click on any box when it turns green. Time is important, so think quickly and use your fingers quicker! THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 72: TURN ON THE LIGHT SWITCH – You may not see it at first, as it is very small, but it’s there! Click or tap near the middle left edge of the screen to turn on the light switch. There’s a funny lemur picture showing up right before you move to the next question. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 73: TOP RIGHT BOX – Look closely at the four question marks in the answer boxes you are given. The one in the top right box is identical to the question mark in the task. So, that is the correct choice. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 74: NO ONE KNOWS – In the game developers’ mind, nobody who has got to this point knows how many questions there are in the game. The developers however didn’t take quiz sites and the Impossible Quiz answers pages in consideration. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 75: CLICK OR TAP THE “ESCAPE!” ARROW – You should indeed be prepared for this one. After the bomb gets lit up, an arrow saying ESCAPE will appear right under the question number. Click it or tap it very fast, as if you don’t, you get an instant GAME OVER. YOU GET +1 SKIP HERE THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 76:  SUGAR, HONEY, HONEY – In order to get this answer right, click or tap the sugar bag once. Then, click or tap the honey jar twice. This is a nice reference to the song “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 77:  QUESTION 77 – The question does not refer to the image you see on the screen, but to itself. Think outside the box and realize that THIS is indeed Question 77. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 78:  FOUR – There’s a good thing you have the Impossible Quiz answers at your finger tips! The correct answer to this question is FOUR because FOUR is the only correct answer you have seen so far in the game. This is your déjà vu. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 79: CLICK THE U IN ‘WHAT DO YOU MEAN? – The game tells you (in its own manner) to look for a horseshoe and click it. The only thing that looks like a horseshoe is letter U in the word YOU pertaining to the answer in the low left box. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 80: FILTHY ROMANIANS – The Romanians will certainly feel offended by this answer, but then again, the game developers never claimed to play a fair game. This is the correct answer because the game developers know about Romania that once upon a time it had severe rates of hepatitis, which is a liver disease.

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