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The Impossible Quiz Answers Levels 91-100

Twenty more The Impossible Quiz answers and you beat the game! But are you able to get them all without losing lives, using skips and having bombs explode in your face? If you use the Impossible Quiz cheats we have to get all the answers to the Impossible Quiz in the right order, sure, you’ll beat the game! We will be here every step of the way feeding you the Impossible Quiz answers, teaching you how to beat the Impossible Quiz, and explaining you why some answers are correct despite all common sense. In order to beat the game you also have to think fast and click fast, but we’re here to warn you when some of the Impossible Quiz answers require such actions. Make sure you read all the Impossible Quiz cheats to level up!

THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 91:  RIP THE PAPER – Move your cursor below the third hole in the paper and hover with it from left to right. The paper will start to rip. Continue until you rip it fully. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 92: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4 – You have to click the numbered heads in the descending order. If you don’t move fast enough, a bomb will appear. If you click them in the correct descending order, the song “What Is the Light?” by Mars will start playing. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 93: DRAG THE BOMB AWAY FROM THE CORNER AND CLICK THE GREEN ARROW UNDER IT – The trick here is to drag the bomb away – even if it’s a ten-second GAME OVER exploding bomb – and click the green arrow which is hidden under it. Once you press GO you will move to the next level. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 94: DON’T DO ANYTHING! – This bomb is a dud, since it doesn’t have a number written on it. Don’t click on DETONATE under any circumstance. Let the counter do its job, and stay put as you’ll move to the next level if you don’t press anything. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 95: MOVE THE CURSOR OUTSIDE THE SCREEN – Since cats love mice, the cat on the screen will stay there as long as you keep the cursor on the screen too. Move it away outside the screen, even place it in the “No skipping” area and wait for the cat to live. After the cat leaves, press the red button which was hidden behind the cat. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 96:  A RIGHT MESS – Are you in for more toilet humor? Well, they had to ask the questions and we have to provide you with the Impossible Quiz answers no matter how filthy they are! So! A number 1 is pee and a number 2 is poop, and when you put them both on your calculator, that’s a right mess you get. Not funny, but correct nonetheless. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 97:  10+ TIMES – If you used the Impossible Quiz answers and the Impossible Quiz cheats we provided you with so far, you didn’t restart the game at all. Still, you can humor the game developers and let them assume you already have restarted the game 10+ times already! THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 98:  BLUE, RED, BLUE, YELLOW – This is the color code you should have kept in mind on Question 50. So, no matter the color boxes they are in press the words Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow to move to the next challenge. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 99: WHEN THE TRAFFIC LIGHT TURNS GREEN, CLICK THE SIGN NEXT TO IT – You need nerves of steel to do this one, but it’s not impossible! Let the bomb tick its ten seconds time away and when it reaches second 1, the traffic lights go green. That very second press the sign next to it! THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ ANSWERS 100: TWO – The word POLOS has only two letters O – so there you have it: two holes in Polos!

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