You’re getting closer and closer to the finish line, but not before finding all the Impossible Quiz answers correctly one after the other! Be glad we have all answers to the impossible Quiz, together with the Impossible Quiz cheats and explanations, as not many players managed to reach so far advanced stages in the game! However, you’re in luck. We don’t only give you the Impossible Quiz answers, like other quiz sites, but also full detailed explanations on why an answer is the right one. Understanding the developers’ logic will help you win the world’s hardest quiz. Now let’s see the next ten The Impossible Quiz answers and learn the logic and mechanics behind them! After all, we’re here to show you how to beat the Impossible Quiz, and how to use the Impossible Quiz answers!

The Impossible Quiz Answers 81:  “Rub” the lightning rod until lightning strikes it - Be aware that this is a two-step answer! First you need to use your cursor to rub the lightning rod until the lightning shows up and strikes it. But don’t stop here! Once the lightning hits, you will get a green arrow on the right side of the screen. You have to click it to move to the next level. The Impossible Quiz Answers 82: Click or tap the toenails - This is a six-second bomb you have on your hands, so you have only six seconds to click or tap on all ten toenails in order to cut them before the bomb goes off. In other words, until the game is over for you. Be fast! The Impossible Quiz Answers 83: National Dyslexic Association - We hope you didn’t think for a second to answer this question with the correct, scientific, universally known answer. DNA in the game developer’s opinion stands for the National Dyslexic Association. This is a joke on how dyslexics would naturally mistake the acronym of their own association. The Impossible Quiz Answers 84: Avoid the meteors and move the cursor so it touches both skips and THEN the shooting star - The two SKIPS flying around here are a MUST for you. As in they are mandatory to win the game, so first collect them and then click on the shooting star, while avoiding the meteors. You get +2 SKIPS here and you’d better collect them both. The Impossible Quiz Answers 85: I loved it! - You may or may have not enjoyed the last question, but the game developers want you to answer in the most positive of manners. So, suck up to them a little and answer “I loved it!”. The Impossible Quiz Answers 86:  The Prince - Did you ever play the Katamari video game series? If you didn’t, then you need the Impossible Quiz answers we provide, as the answer is a direct reference to these games. The Prince in this series is green, while the “sticky balls” reference is related to the fact that Katamaris collect everything they touch! The Impossible Quiz Answers 87:  The dot after '87' - The only thing missing in this picture is the dot after number 87 in the circle – which represents the question number. Click or tap inside the circle where the dot should be. The Impossible Quiz Answers 88:  Click or tap Sonic the Hedgehog’s leg repeatedly - This is another reference to the game Sonic Breaks His Neck. Click or tap fast on Sonic’s leg so it can be broken by Eggman. Do it quickly, as you have a ten-second bomb ready to go off. The Impossible Quiz Answers 89: Blindness - Another fine example of twisted logic: since dog eggs don’t exist, if you can see them, it means you’re blind. Don’t ask us how! The Impossible Quiz Answers 90: Nonce - Time is ticking away, so think fast and click the correct answer even faster. While Michael Jackson had indeed a few nose jobs, the correct answer NONCE is a reference to the fact that the star was a child sex offender. Or at least this is what “nonce” means in British and Australian slang.