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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 6

Are you looking for help or a guide with your new mobile device game crush, Logo Quiz Mangoo? If you like games that make you guess the logos or brands you see appear on your screen, then it’s completely understandable why you’ve fallen for this one as well. The perks of this little harmless habit is that while the game is still funny and colorful and addictive enough to make you want to play it with enthusiasm, it also has the pragmatic advantages of helping you not be bored during the minutes you have to wait for various things, and helping you know more about the brands and logos that fill our daily life. Being more knowledgeable in the ways of modern symbols is always a skill that comes in handy, right? So if you’re stuck somewhere during the game progression or if you just want to read a complete walkthrough as a warm-up to playing the actual game, here you go. Have fun!


  • Ok, so this one should have been really easy, right? It’s not only that computers are probably used by everyone who also uses a mobile phone device to play this game; but it’s also that this featured brand is surely the most used and encountered operating system for home PCs and beyond. You just can’t have used a computer and not know this logo. Sure, there are a few alternative operating systems out there, but their share of the market doesn’t even go near the share of this staple of operating systems.
  • The company that developed this operating system, Microsoft, recently adopted the logo previously used only by its operating system. Which means that the pretty four-colored square logo featured in this level of the game is currently associated both with the operating system and the mother-company, but the correct answer to the game’s level is the name of the operating system.
 logo quiz answer level 6

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