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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 21

For all fans of the quizzing game apps for your mobile device, Logo Quiz Mangoo was probably a very nice discovery when it first appeared. The statistics point out that the game is still one of the most popular choices for smartphone users, when given a choice from a pool of similar options. And once you give it a go, it’s really easy to understand why: it combines the thrill of guessing with the colorful and fun display of lovable logos of brands everyone seems to appreciate. Unfortunately, every now and then you may find yourself in a tight spot and be faced with an unknown logo, or with one that looks familiar but whose brand you actually forgot to name. For situations like this, let our online guide help: we’ve covered all the levels of the game in order to make your progression as smooth as possible. Here’s the answer for level 21 of Logo Quiz Mangoo:


  • In the game of luxury brands, this is the most well-known name when it comes to mineral water bottles. The origin of the water, which also gave the name of the brand, is the lovely Evian-les-Bains, situated on the southern shores of Lake Geneva, in the mountain capital of Switzerland. With the production of this world-renowned bottled water, the Swiss enter the world of luxury brands with something other than just elegant watches and exquisite chocolates. The gathering of water from that lake has a history tracing back to 1789, when the Marquis of Lessert tasted the wonderful spring water during a walk. He was charmed by the taste and kept coming back for more, and soon after he noticed that his kidney and liver problems somehow improved a bit since he started drinking that water. Thus, the first baths were created in the area, in 1824.
  • Today the company is owned by the French multinational company Danone Group, and the bottled water is one of the most famous and glam in the world. It’s renowned to be a favorite of Hollywood stars and limited edition bottles are regularly being released, with only top-notch designers creating the look of each such batch.
 logo quiz answer level 21

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