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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 11

Everyone loves playing a good app for their smartphone every now and then, especially if the game is exciting enough to keep them on the edge at all times and also help them learn more about the world as well. The “guess the image” type of games are particularly good at both these requirements, and Logo Quiz Mangoo is of course one of the best there is. But if you’ve managed to get stuck right after getting started, fret not: we’re here to help. Our website offers complete walkthroughs for pretty much any mobile game there is, and such a popular game as Logo Quiz Mangoo couldn’t have been absent from out list. Therefore, it doesn’t matter the level at which you’re stuck, since we can provide you with the solution for them all, so you can resume playing your newest fave. Here’s the answer for level 11:


  • Now this sure is a pretty logo, everyone must agree. Whenever one sees this being projected in those intensely anticipatory moments before a movie, the feeling one gets is of excitement for a really cool phantasy land and story which are about to follow. It’s not always the case, of course, since the company can very well produce other kinds of movies and not necessarily epic or phantasy ones, but the logo is suggestive enough to induce just that dreamy state like no other. The idea for this pretty logo that features a man sitting on the edge of a crescent moon and fishing is the brain-child of one of the company’s founding members, a man so creative and famous you’ve probably already enjoyed his film works: Steven Spielberg.
  • Today this company is a part of the even more famous Walt Disney conglomerate of film studios and continues to produce high-quality movies and television for audiences worldwide. Some of the best known recent works of this studio count among them The Gladiator, all of the Shrek movies, Meet the Parents, A Beautiful Mind, Time Machine, Memoirs of a Gheisha or The Stepford Wives and many more. Basically, when a film leaves this studio, it’s bound to be a great fan favorite.
 logo quiz answer level 11

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