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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 28

With the popularity growth of mobile phone games ever since the development of new smartphone apps, quiz games are also becoming more and more popular inside this game niche. And for good reason: a well-made and fun quiz game can not only provide the user with plenty of entertainment, but can also make us learn a thing or two we haven’t previously known while we’re at it. All facts are best learned about if there’s a nice story to accompany them, and the best opportunity to explore more about the world is the frustration one gets when being stuck at a level they can’t complete. That’s usually the moment when one turns to the internet as a source of answers. Well, our platform offers just that, only a bit more organized: whatever mobile phone game you may be playing – whether it’s Logo Quiz Mangoo or a different one – here is the place you will find all the answers to all the levels. Make sure you check back as often as you need for help with all your favorite games. The key to level 28 is:


  • As the little roller drawing on the logo suggests, this brand is a famous inline skate producer, very well-known in the business of sportswear and sporting goods. The company is currently owned by Nordica, part of the Tecnica group of businesses in Italy. The business was founded by the Olson family and was known under that name for a while, switching to its current name only when the company was taken over by the Nordica group.
  • The company was very efficient in securing a strong market place for their products, although lacking an innovative business idea to base itself on. Thus, even though the roller skates were initially developed and sold by the Roces company in 1981, they managed to quickly capitalize and grab the markets that were still untouched by Roces at the time. This way, even though the initial idea wasn’t theirs, the brand became the main name associated with personal and professional use roller skates today.
 logo quiz answer level 28

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