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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 27

Hello fellow mobile phone games enthusiasts, the world seems suddenly open to welcoming all of you. No longer are computer games the single honorable gaming outlets, with the recent years development of smartphone apps, mobile phone games have gained a lot of extra ground in the competition. Now, with the help of only your smartphone and maybe an internet connection (though the latter is not mandatory), you can have plenty of fun while you wait for the bus or have to spend some otherwise boring minutes in the unglamorous parts of daily life. Some games, like quizzes in general, even manage to teach the players a thing or two about facts they knew little about prior to playing the game. Logo Quiz Mangoo is no exception to this nice rule: it requires the player to recognize a famous logo fast, but in the process, especially if you don’t know the answer to one level and have to look it up, you may also learn more about the famous brands that bomb you with ads every day. To help you navigate this universe, we’ve comprised complete game maps for every level of this game (and many others as well). Here is the correct answer to level 27:


  • This red on white, apparently handwritten logo stands for one of the oldest and best known American food manufacturers, now a multinational company with headquarters still based in Michigan. The brand is most popular for its breakfast food range, having a varied offer of cereal and convenience foods, ranging from breakfast cereal to cookies, crackers, granola bars, toaster pastries, frozen waffles, vegetarian food products and many more. The company’s products are marketed in 180 countries and its declared motto and purpose is “Nourishing families so they can flourish and thrive”.
  • Initially, the company made a first hit with their fast-selling boxes of corn flakes marketed as breakfast food. After achieving initial renown and popularity, the brand eventually expanded to include other products in its offer. While still a business giant, the company unfortunately has dealt with some degree of controversy over the last decades, for opposing a law that made it mandatory to state genetically modified ingredients on the label and also for promoting some misleading information in their advertorials.
 logo quiz answer level 27

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