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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 22

Nothing is more fun to do on your mobile device than to eagerly try your best guesses at one of the hippest gaming apps available today. This harmless habit can help kill off many otherwise extremely boring minutes, and you might also learn some cool facts about the brands featured in the game. But while nothing is more fun than a game like Logo Quizz Mangoo, nothing can be more frustrating either, if you manage to get yourself stuck with an answer you don’t know or can’t name. To make sure it doesn’t happen anymore, why don’t you check back here every now and then? We provide you with complete walkthroughs for every mobile app game you could possibly be looking for, and our answers are not only effective but also come with an interesting thing or two as well. Quizzing games have never been more fun than you have a complete chart of all the game’s levels at your disposal. Have fun!


  • This is the logo behind a quite famous luxury brand of eyeglasses and sunglasses, founded by Bausch and Lomb in 1937. The American brand was purchased recently (in 1999) by an Italian company group, but the exquisite eyewear produced under the prestigious label is still considered one of the symbols of the American upper class. The brand’s most coveted items are the Wayfarer and Aviator style of sunglasses, and both of these have become quite iconic for high style throughout the recent American history. The elegance of mid-century famous Americans – like Jackie O and so on – could not be imagined today without a pair of these sunglasses.
  • The fame and style of the iconic sunglasses have been sustained through numerous pop culture references and movie appearances as well. Some of the most well-known supporters and proud wearers of this luxury sunglasses have been, in no particular order, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise (especially in Top Gun), Billy Joel, Madonna, Jack Nicholson and so on. To wrap it up, let’s just say that these glasses have been and very much continue to be a high class fashion statement.
 logo quiz answer level 22

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