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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 9

The world of mobile phone gaming suddenly enriched rapidly with the development of nice Android apps such as logo quizzes and similar guess-the-symbol games. No more dull moments of waiting to enter your doctor’s appointment or standing in line for whatever it is you have to wait for. Nowadays, these formerly dull moments have been replaced with fun and exciting minutes, at least for people who have the phone and the app and enjoy killing time this way. If you’re one of them (and you probably are since you’ve wounded up here), then Logo Quizz Mangoo is probably among your faves already. The game will have you guessing at the names of famous brands just by seeing their logos, and with the help of the complete guide we’ve prepared for you, things will be way easier than figuring it all out yourself. Here are the answers to level 9 and don’t forget to have fun!


  • This logo pertains to the likewise-named company based in London which is well-known for its financial and banking services worldwide. It has a primary listing at the London Stock Exchange and a secondary listing at the New York Stock Exchange and can brag with a database of around 48 million customers worldwide. At the end of 2011, this banking company had assets worth U.S.$ 2.42 trillion, which secured its spot as the 7th in the top ten largest banks worldwide. Most of you may not have heard of it up to playing this game, but British players surely are familiar with it.
  • The history of this corporation is also pretty interesting: it can trace back its initial activity to the banking services of a goldsmith shop in 1690s London. The founders were John Freame and Thomas Gould, but in 1736 the son-in-law of Freame also became a partner in the business. His name was James Barclay, and it was his name that eventually became that of the whole company.
 logo quiz answer level 9

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