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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 26

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  • This is the logo behind the world’s most loved ice-cream brands. In spite of its Danish-sounding name, the company isn’t actually a Danish brand. It was established in New York, Bronx, in 1961, by a lovely pair of American entrepreneurs of Jewish ancestry, Reuben and Rose Mattus, and the reason behind the strange name of the brand has a lot to do with this ethnicity, in a heart-warming and inspiring way. The ice-cream business was named with such a Danish-style name as an honorary tribute to Denmark for its exemplary treatment of Jews during World War II. The tribute went even further and included a miniature outline of Denmark’s map on the early labels of the ice-cream packages. Reuben Mattus had previous experience of making ice-cream ever since he was 10 years old, helping his Italian uncle prepare lemon ice, so the choice of business was pretty much natural.
  • From its very beginning and to this day, the ice-cream brand is best known and appreciated from being one of the few commercial manufacturers which don’t use artificial flavorings or additives for their ice-cream products. Made using cream and natural ingredients, the rich-tasting ice-cream sold under this logo is an up-market favorite of consumers to this day. The ice cream and ice cream products (such as cakes and so on) come in traditional flavors, but also in a few esoteric flavors that are specific only to this brand (such as Vanilla Swiss Almond or Bananas Foster).
 logo quiz answer level 26

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