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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 20

If you’ve gotten this far on Logo Quiz Mangoo but you’re stuck and you need a bit of help, don’t worry anymore, you’ve found just the place to guide you through your quizzing adventure. Our site covers the answers to all the game’s levels, as well as providing some interesting trivia facts or just more background info on every answer there is in this game. If you’re excited about other mobile device gaming apps as well, you can also find here the answers and complete walkthroughs for countless other similar games as well. Doing a bit of research ahead doesn’t spoil you gaming experience, but it can enrich it with details you didn’t know about, while eliminating the frustration of getting stuck somewhere. Good luck with the logo quiz and have as much fun as you can! For other games, explore our sidebars. Here is the answer to level 20 (and congratulations for getting this far, by the way):


  • It’s finally the turn of delightful luxury watches like this brand offers. The name is so well-known and famous, that it has become associated as the go-to option whenever the topic of luxury watches comes up. It’s also very stereotypically portrayed in mainstream movies as well: whenever a rich man is getting robbed, he also has go give up his fancy watch – this particular brand – in addition to just his wallet or expensive buttons. Also, while we’re on the topic of stereotypes, the history of the brand is a bit funny as well: though initially the company was founded and grown in England (and not in Switzerland, as stereotypes about Swiss watches might make one expect), it eventually moved its base of operations to Switzerland in 1919. You can’t keep the Swiss out of luxury watches, it seems.
  • The brand is the largest single luxury watch brand and it can brag with a production of about 2000 watches per day. Its history is pretty awe-inspiring too: for example, during World War II, the wartime pilots of the British Royal Air Force started replacing their older and poorer quality watches with the better watches of this brand, because they were more durable under the pressure of high altitudes. However, when some of these pilots were captured, their watches were always confiscated even though the men were eventually released. Upon hearing of this, the company offered to replace the pilots’ watches cost-free. How heart-warming, isn’t it?
 logo quiz answer level 20

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