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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 4

Managing to find a game you actually enjoy playing on your smartphone can be quite a relief for killing all those boring minutes when you have to wait for various stuff or people or appointments, or you’re just stuck in traffic somewhere. A game which is engaging enough to make you spend those dead minutes in a pleasant manner is hard to find, but each person has his or her few favorites. If you’re among those of us who have found this fun in Logo Quiz Mangoo, congratulations are in order. You’ve just managed to pick a game which isn’t just fun to play, but can teach you a thing or two about the world as well, since chances are you’ll almost never see a logo you don’t recognize again. The first few levels are easier than those to come, but it’s better to be prepared anyway than not answer in time, right? Therefore, we’ve prepared for you a complete walkthrough of Logo Quiz Mangoo. Here’s the answer for level 4:


  • You know all those stereotypes about the high quality and trustworthiness of German manufactured products, especially the engineering ones? Well, those stereotypes exist for a reason: they’re based on truth. And this German brand of automobiles does nothing but confirm them: the cars they design, product and sell are reputed to be the best among the cars from a similar price range.
  • The four-ringed logo of this German automobile manufacturer symbolizes a merger of four different car companies under this unique logo, a merger that took place gradually since the 1930s until sometime before World War II. Although the war brought on economic hardship, the quality of this brand’s automobiles managed to save the business and allow it to reinvent itself into the well-known car producer it is to this day.
Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 4
 logo quiz answer level 4

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