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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 12

The easiest way to not get bored when you’re stuck in a boring situation is to play one of the newest mobile phone gaming apps that seem to spring up day after day. The business in this field seems to be blooming, at least judging from all the innovation and development that outdo each other constantly. It’s almost as if there’s not enough time to get used to a good thing, because the next best thing just appears and takes its place, not that anyone’s complaining. And from all these lovely games available right on your mobile phone display, Logo Quiz Mangoo seems to be one of the most popular by far. Guessing the brand behind each logo you’re presented with is indeed a most fun activity, but things may easily slip to the frustrating side when you get stuck on a level you just can’t seem to solve. No one knows all the brands and the logos, right? Right, but that’s precisely why we’re here to help. If you’re looking for help with a certain level of the game or for a complete walkthrough with answers to every question (level) you may encounter, then you’ve come to the right place. This is the answer for level 12:


  • This logo stands behind one of the world’s most loved brand of fruity soft drinks. It was created by Coca-Cola and is still a part of that giant drink producer, but the story of this particular drink’s creation is interesting to say the least. It appears that Coca-Cola, its parent, had some difficulties to import Cola syrup into Nazi Germany due to embargo restrictions, so they had to come up with something else. And this something else was discovered by Max Keith, the leader of the German branch of Coca-Cola in those times. His idea was to create a fruity fizzy drink to replace the unavailable Coke by using ingredients easy to find back then: whey and pomace. He later recalled creating the drink using the “leftovers of leftovers”.
  • In spite of its modest and not quite so savory start, the orange-flavored drink, which takes its name from the German “phantasia” (phantasy), is still a crowd favorite to this day, world-wide.
 logo quiz answer level 12

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