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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 14

Logo Quiz Mangoo is one of the best logo-guessing game apps for your mobile smartphone device and its huge number of users charmed by it speaks for itself about the game’s quality. Similar games are almost just as popular since they’re a great way to kill off the extra time you have on your hands while stuck in certain boring situations, but Logo Quiz Mangoo is truly a user favorite. But the downside to all such games is that as the play advances, you’re more and more likely to hit a dead end, which in this case would be a logo or a brand you just have no idea about. In order to prevent that and to ensure that your playing experience with this game doesn’t get cut short, we’re comprised a detailed answer system for all the levels in the game. Feel free to browse and get yourself up to speed, while also learning some interesting facts about the logos and their companies. Who said mobile phone games are boring? Below you have the answer to level 14:


  • The logo featured on this level of the game comprises under its umbrella a huge multinational company specialized in financial services. The company’s headquarters are in Washington, D.C., but its activities are scattered throughout the world. Furthermore, in matters of financial support for its ventures, the company’s main pillars include funds coming from the Middle East and Singapore. Though this group was particularly hit during the recent economic recession, it managed to quickly get back up on its feet, an accomplishment that didn’t pass by without the expected level of controversy.
  • The financial operations group also has a history to take pride in: it was chartered by the New York City State back in 1812 and continued to be become more and more successful ever since. Other great achievements followed it through its history: it managed to be the first bank in the U.S.A. to offer compound interest on savings (1921), unsecured personal loans (1928), customer checking accounts (in 1936) and so on.
 logo quiz answer level 14

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