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Doodle God Artifacts Answers

Doodle God Cheats: Doodle God Artifacts

We are now on the Doodle God cheats page for the Doodle God Artifacts task. What you have to do now is get all the Doodle God combos and match the given Doodle God elements in order to find great treasures! Look below to find our complete Doodle God answers in alphabetical order and use CTRL + F to make sure you get all of them! If you’re stuck to some elements or you want to have all Doodle God combinations in a row, waste no more time and see the next Doodle God cheats and Doodle God artifacts!

Animated Marionette = Wood + Life + Tool

Basilisk = Human + Beast + Stone / Poison + Stone + Lizard

Eiffel Tower = Metal + Tower + Skyscraper

Godzilla = Dinosaur + Radiation + Sea

Holy Grail = Blood + Resurrection + Demigod

Lightsaber = Sword + Energy + Light

Pandora’s Box = Chaos + Death + Darkness

Perpetual (Motion Device) = Mechanism + Void + Energy

Pyramid of Cheops = Sand + Corpse + Stone

Ring of Power (The One Ring) = Lava + Magic + Demon

Santa’s Sleigh = Snow + Wood + Human

Sphinx = Stone + Human + Beast

Stonehenge = Stone + Stone + Stone

Titanic = Ship + Ice + Death

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