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Doodle God Answers

Doodle God Cheats: Doodle God Combos Guide

Welcome to the complete Doodle God cheats and answers platform! Don’t you know what the Doodle God game is? Well, if you always wanted to play God and create an entire universe, look no further, as we have the perfect game for you! Doodle God is a puzzle game developed by JoyBits, the same producing company responsible for Doodle Devil, Doodle Tanks and Doodle Kingdom. It was initially released in 2010, but along the years, it became so popular, everyone is playing it!

With more than 170,000,000 players worldwide, the Doodle God combos and the Doodle God elements got everybody hooked on mixing and matching various ingredients in order to create new ones. The game was upgraded along the years and received new modes, so that today you can have an element game which can keep you busy for days!

Let’s take a look over the Doodle God Wiki page and see what the main features of this game are:

  • You can create more than 300 advanced items, concepts and elements.
  • You can play it on Android, iOS and Windows Phone.
  • This four elements game has received the Weekly Users’ Choice Award, an Apple Rewind Award and ranked number 1 in the Board/Puzzle category in 23 countries since its release.
  • It is now available in 13 languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Swedish, Polish and German.
  • It comes together with hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-challenging sayings and quotes.
  • Some of the Doodle God answers are easy and intuitive, while others will challenge your brain and cognitive skills to find them.
  • You can have fun for hours combining the main elements and the obtained elements to get funny or creepy, unusual and original combinations: Doodle God void, Doodle God human, Doodle God grass, Doodle God clay, Doodle God book, Doodle God sulfur, Doodle God dolphin, Doodle God hero, Doodle Godphilosophers stone, Doodle God sun and many more!

The Doodle God elements game also comes with in-game Doodle God answers, but, of course, you’ll lose some points if you use them, so it’s better to find your much needed Doodle God cheats elsewhere.

At first, all you have are the main Doodle God elements: earth, fire, water, and air. If you think you’ve seen other games like Doodle God, you’re probably right, as Little Alchemy is very similar. The game started out with just 115 possible combinations, but by popular request, the game developers managed to introduce Doodle God 2, Doodle God 3 and Doodle God 4, add a lot of game modes and new quests and challenges. Today hundreds of millions of players play Doodle God passionately.

Doodle God Tech Specs and Highlights

Many people play this game on Android, but iOS and Windows Phone users can enjoy it as well. As an overall impression, the game runs smoothly and offers a very pleasant user interface, but let’s look into the Doodle God game tech specs in detail:

  • It runs on Android 2.3.3 and upwards;
  • It needs a decent amount of storage space: only 71 MB.
  • It is meant for touch screen devices, such as smartphones and tablets, as all you need to do is drag and drop the elements in order to obtain all Doodle God combinations.
  • The intuitive one-click game mechanics makes this game entertaining and fun for all ages.
  • It comes together with new HD retina display graphics.
  • As graphic goes, you should know it also features new UI and in-game graphics.
  • The new upgrades and enhancements complete the previous versions and make the game easier to play, friendlier and smoother – when it comes to installing and using.
  • It comes together with a few improved mini-games for the major arcade fans.
  • In case you get stuck, there are some in-game Doodle God hints you might want to use.

Among the Doodle God game highlights, a few of them stand out, as they are truly special. The game developers love to keep their fans hooked and entertained, so they offer some interesting challenges as well:

  • The new “Puzzle” mode allows you to create everything from locomotives to skyscrapers.
  • The new “Quest” mode challenges you not only to “Save the Princess”, but also be a part of the Rise of Egypt.
  • You can get your hands on new artifacts, as well, being able to collect special ones which you can obtain by triple combinations.
  • You can enjoy a full educational experience because the new elements also come with Wikipedia links to them, so you can learn new things and expand your horizons.
  • The game has hundreds of thousands of downloads in the Google Play store and an overall rating of four stars.

The tricky part of this game is to get all Doodle God answers and all Doodle God combos, but rest assured, somebody managed to get Doodle God hacked and obtain all Doodle God cheats.

Even if you benefit from some in-game Doodle God help, many users prefer not to lower their chances of beating the game, but take advantage of the Doodle God online support they find and use a complete Doodle God guide. The Doodle God combinations list you will find on this website helps you to not only get all the Doodle God cheats, but learn new things and have some fun as longs as you play the game. But we’ll get to the Doodle God list of hints, tips and cheats in a few moments.

One of the best things about Doodle God is that it is an exquisite example of an educational game which can be played by all people ages 6 and up. Since it challenges your brain to combine elements together in order to obtain interesting and original elements, it means you need to think in ways you may have never thought before. The game gets trickier and trickier by the minute, so lateral thinking, memory, attention, imagination, the use of metaphors and strategic thinking represent just a few brain skills you need to employ.

Another important highlight is that it is affordable and easy to obtain from the Google Play store. Depending on the items you want to buy, the game costs between 1 dollar and 100 dollars, but you can get amazing discounts, should you be entitled to them or to personalized offers.

Keep in mind that you might feel a bit annoyed by the in-game ads you’ll stumble upon while playing, but the charm and excitement of the game will make you forget about them very quickly.

Doodle God Elements, Game Play and User Experience

If you’re ready to create your own universe, containing everything from zombies to magical elements, let’s see a few things about the game play and the user experience.

As we said, you have the four main elements already unlocked. Drag and drop them, mix and match them, use trial and error and get more and more complex combinations. The game is divided into four main modes:

  • Doodle God Episodes (1 to 4).
  • Doodle God Quests (such as Doodle God Run Santa Run or Doodle God Sins vs. Virtues).
  • Doodle God Puzzles.
  • Doodle God Artifacts.

Some elements can be obtained if you combine already established ones with new ones. The game also allows triple combinations for a full mind challenge. Rest assured, the rewards are worthy of your efforts.

You win the game when you get all possible combinations. Of course, some may escape your attention and your imagination; this is why it’s necessary to have all Doodle God cheats at your fingertips.

How Can You Get All the Doodle God Answers Correctly?

If you get stuck and feel like you need cheats for Doodle God in order to move on, come on by! We have everything you need, from the Doodle God 2 cheats to the Run Santa Run Doodle God full list of answers. We don’t encourage cheating, but support, so first try to get all the Doodle God elements on your own.

If you can’t figure out what combination to make next, look on this website for the Doodle God episode 2, for example, or the Doodle God 2 walkthrough, it’s the same thing. Use CTRL + F to search the page for an element and see how it gets connected with others in order to make the combinations you overlooked. Since this is an educational and instructional game, we recommend you to use a Doodle God cheat just to move on, not to go through the entire game, as you’ll lose the fun and the challenge it brings.

The game is fun and addictive and can be played virtually anywhere, so before entering a new and exciting world, make sure you keep our Doodle God cheats close and ready to be used. We have all the Doodle God elements and the entire Doodle God answers list provided on our resource pages, so feel free to use them! We’re sure you are going to appreciate not only the game, but the Doodle God guide we provide as well!

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