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Doodle God Firecracker Puzzle Answers

Doodle God Cheats: Doodle God Firecracker Puzzle

These are the Doodle God cheats for the Doodle God Firecracker puzzle. This puzzle is available only for the Doodle God 2 version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and is similar to the Doodle God Independence Day in a Village puzzle. In order to get those firecrackers starting, you need to find all the Doodle God combos using the given Doodle God elements. Of course, you have to mix and match all Doodle God combinations in order to get the correct Doodle God answers for this puzzle. Use CTRL + F to find all Doodle God cheats faster!

Bacteria = Life + Swamp

Fertilizer = Domestic animal + Grass

Milk = Domestic animal + Grass

NOTE: You have to repeat this step one more time to obtain a total of two Bacteria combinations.

Firecracker = Gun powder + Fire

Gun powder =Saltpeter + Sulfur

Limestone = Shells + Stone

Plankton = Bacteria + Water

Saltpeter = Limestone + Fertilizer

Shells = Plankton + Stone

Sulfur / Worm = Bacteria + Swamp

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