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Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5

So, you can’t seem to get enough of Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition?! Well, to be honest, neither can we! It’s a great way to pass the time and check your Hollywood celebrity skills. It’s not too hard, but not too easy, either and if you don’t know the answers to some of the levels, we’ve got some great hints for you. Of course, you could always ask a friend, but going online and searching the answer for yourself is always more fun and easier. Our hints aren’t giving too much away, so read on and see if you can figure those celebrities out.

Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 HEATH LEDGER  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 GEORGE CLOONEY  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 KATE HUDSON  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 WILL SMITH
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 LEO DICAPRIO  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 MATT DAMON  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 BRADLEY COOPER  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 ROBERT REDFORD
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 JOHN TRAVOLTA  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 5 AL PACINO

1. Heath Ledger
-Unfortunately, this brilliant young actor died in his prime, not too many years ago.
-In his last finished movie he played a villain who wanted to kill a certain man in a black cape.

2. George Clooney
-This sexy, grey-haired actor rose to fame in a television series about the emergency room of an American hospital.
-A certified bachelor, this actor is also a very talented director with a penchant for politics.

3. Kate Hudson
-She is almost as famous as her mother, Goldie and she loves starring in romantic comedies where she plays the sexy bombshell.
-She is currently married to a rocker, has two sons and a killer body that she isn’t afraid to show off.

4. Will Smith
-This funnyman has been acting since he was a young boy (or a young prince) and he is a very prolific actor, starring mainly in action movies.
-He’s married to an actress and they have two children together. The kids are also involved in the entertainment business.

5. Leo DiCaprio
-This handsome American actor has been acting ever since he could talk, but the role that gave him the most visibility and the status of a sex-symbol was that of a young man who won a pair of tickets on ship that was to sink.
-He’s loved by many people, including Martin Scorsese and almost all of Victoria’s Secret models.

6. Matt Damon
-This chameleonic actor is truly talented. He’s even played the role of a very talented man, opposite Jude Law.
-He was also the lead in a trilogy where he was an agent who lost his memory after being shot in a mission.

7. Bradley Cooper
-When this man gets a hangover, he does it in style! No, we’re just kidding, this actor takes good care of himself and he’s got the body to prove it.
-He’s starred alongside Jennifer Lawrence in 3 movies and for one of them was nominated for an Academy Award.

8. Robert Redford
-This handsome 77 year old actor was once considered the most attractive man on Earth and many believe that Brad Pitt looks a lot like him.
-This blond actor has received two Academy Awards, one in 2002 for Lifetime Achievement and in 2014 he was declared by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world.

9. John Travolta
-He’s a scientologist who has been known to dance his way to women’s hearts back in the day.
-He entered a cone of shadow, but was reintroduced to fame by Quentin Tarantino who put him in one of his most famous movies, starring Uma Thurman.

10. Al Pacino
-This 74 year old actor who has never married is famous for playing mobsters and angry characters.
-One of his most famous roles is that of a blind person who teaches a young man the about life; he got an Oscar for his performance.

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