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Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7

You’re reached level 7, so you need to give yourself a round of applause! Three more to go and you’ll finish Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition, a fun and quite addictive little game. We know how frustrating it can be to have the name of the celebrity on the tip of your tongue, without being able to blurt their name out. That’s why we’re here, to help you with some hints and tips on who the person in the picture is. Read on and see if you can guess who it is following our informative hints and don’t forget to have fun!

Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 LIAM NEESON  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 JOHN MALKOVICH  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 KEVIN COSTNER  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 RAY LIOTTA
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 KATE WINSLET  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 MICHAEL J FOX  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 PATRICK SWAYZE  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 MICHAEL DOUGLAS
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 RYAN GOSLING  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 7 SEAN CONNERY

1. Liam Neeson
-Although he’s not the young stud he used to be, this Irish actor still plays roles in which he can kick the bad guys’ behinds in no time, so you really don’t want to take his daughter away from him.
-His wife was killed in 2009following injuries to the head which she sustained in a skiing accident in Canada.

2. John Malkovich
-This 60 year old actor is famous for his voice and peculiar manner of speaking. He’s starred in movies such as Dangerous Liaisons and Empire of the Sun.
-A movie with a barely recognizable Cameron Diaz and John Cusack has his name in the title.

3. Kevin Costner
-At one point, this actor was one of the most sought after actors and directors, having won two Academy Awards. One of the awards was for Best Director for the movie Dancing with Wolves (1991).
-He didn’t manage to maintain that level of popularity and many believe it was because of the big fail that is called Waterworld(1995).

4. Ray Liotta
-He’s probably the actor with the most villainous face in Hollywood. He usually plays mobsters and bad guys.
-He’s starred in Goodfellas (1990) and he narrated Inside the Mafia for the National Geographic Channel.

5. Kate Winslet
-This gorgeous lady rose to fame for starring in James Cameron’s movie about a great ship that was sunk by an iceberg.
-She’s known for playing very complex and strong female characters and she’s great friends with Leonardo DiCaprio.

6. Michael J Fox
-This fresh-faced actor, who is now 52, starred in a trilogy about a young man who travels through time with a companion called Doc.
-He’s been diagnosed with Parkinson at an early age and is now a spokesperson for the disease.

7. Patrick Swayze
-Unfortunately, this very talented actor is no longer with us, but his legacy still remains. His most famous movie still remains the one where he plays a dance teacher who takes a young girl and shows her how to blossom.
-He’s acted alongside Demi Moore in a movie where he was ghost and was communicating with his wife with the help of Whoopi Goldberg.

8. Michael Douglas
-Back in the 90’s he was the go-to man for roles which implied lesser morals. One of his most famous roles was that of a cop who falls in love with sexy Sharon Stone.
-He’s married to a Welsh beauty and he’s recently dodged a massive throat cancer bullet.

9. Ryan Gosling
-He’s so handsome that his abs seem Photoshopped even in real life. He’s a great guy who’s making the Internet rounds as a meme (Hey girl! anyone?).
-He’s dating the gorgeous Eva Mendes and has a scruffy dog he adores, called George.

10. Sean Connery
-Many people say that he was the best James Bond, because of his cool demeanor and amazing Welsh accent.
-He’s played Indiana Jones’ father and he doesn’t seem to have aged a bit since then.

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