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Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1

We know you’re just starting out, but Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition is turning out to be quite entertaining, isn’t it? It’s not too hard to play and the movie stars are quite famous. If you still have some issues with guessing the famous face, we’ve got two hints per movie star to guide you through the first level of the game. We hope you find our hints easy to decipher and we hope you continue playing this fun game on your phone or tablet, because trust us when we tell you that it is only going to get better.

Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 tom cruise  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 harrison ford  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 jen aniston  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 jim carrey
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 morgan freeman  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 bruce willis  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 dan radcliffe  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 tom hanks
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 robert de niro  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 1 cameron diaz

1. Tom Cruise
-Although the inches aren’t on his side, this Hollywood A-listerhas only had gorgeous women, the most famous being an Aussie actress.
-The role that propelled him was that of a pilot, but he’s also played a vampire way before Twilight was even written.

2. Harrison Ford
-He’s been in the most beloved sci-fi franchise in history and he’s also played an adventurer/archeologist.
-He’s married to a Hollywood actress who was famous in the late 00’s for her role as a quirky lawyer and her slim figure.

3. Jennifer Aniston
-This sexy actress has been in one of the most popular sitcoms of all time, one with a bunch of friends living in New York
-She was married to one of the sexiest men in Hollywood and she’s famous for her sleek, long hair and a penchant for starring in rom-coms.

4. Jim Carrey
-He’s probably Hollywood’s funniest man and nobody can match his level of goofiness.
-He intentionally and professionally chipped his tooth to play a silly character in a comedy starring a certain Jeff D.

5. Morgan Freeman
-The Internet is full of jokes that hint at the fact that this man should play God in all the movies where a God character is needed.
-He’s a prolific actor who started his movie career in the 60’s; he’s made a movie where he was driving someone somewhere and he was nominated for an Oscar for his performance.

6. Bruce Willis
-The current joke about this actor is that he simply cannot be killed in movies; although there is a certain asteroid movie where he does die.
-He was married to a gorgeous actress who, after they divorced, went on to marry a young and funny actor.

7. Daniel Radcliffe
-Hold on to your magic wand because this man is a wizard, but not in real life.
-We’ve seen him grow up on the big screen in a successful movie franchise and now he’s making a name for himself in theatre.

8. Tom Hanks
-This actor and producer loves being in and producing movies about war and saving privates, although he doesn’t shy away from movies where he plays a kid trapped in an adult’s body or Meg Ryan’s love interest in a few good rom-coms.
-He has one of Hollywood’s most enduring marriages, to a beautiful red haired actress.

9. Robert De Niro
-This American actor is probably the most famous actor of all times, having acted in almost 100 movies.
-He’s played a boxer, a taxi driver and a father-in-law with a shadyCIA past.

10. Cameron Diaz
-This blond bombshell is famous for her infectious smile and positive attitude.
-She rose to fame in a comedy where she acted opposite a man in a mask.

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