Always wanted to play “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”, win the million dollars prize and be the hero of the nation? Did you even consider preparing for those hard questions and for the challenges every contestant has to face while trying to prove his / her vast knowledge of everything? Well, if the thought crossed your mind, you surely stumbled upon Trivia Crack, the mobile app game that puts your brain to work in ways you never imagined.

Trivia Crack was the most popular game of 2014 (according the number of downloads – over 4 million!) and is still incredibly successful in 2015 as well. With over 1000 questions, Trivia Crack challenges players to compete against their own Facebook friends or other random opponents in the world. It was developed by Etermax, a company originating in Buenos Aires, Argentina and started being available in Spanish in Latin America in October 2013. Built on the same principles as Trivial Pursuit, it didn’t take long until people all over the world discovered it and made the game developing company translate it into English.

Now the game is available in 10 different languages and can be played on all possible operating systems. You can easily find it on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, the Amazon App Store and even Facebook.

But why did we start this by reminding you of the popular game “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”? Because Trivia Crack is one of the best trivia games out there, challenging players to give correct answers from 6 general knowledge categories: Entertainment, Art, History, Science, Geography, and Sports. Besides being an award – giving game (as in the end you have to collect 6 trophies), this game is thought – provoking, mind – bending sometimes and really challenging, especially when it puts you in the position of having to answer to a question and not knowing the answer.

Trivia Crack Tech Specs and Highlights

As we said, this mobile game can be played on ay device or on any operating system that supports mobile app usage. The Trivia Crack app has an intuitive and exciting interface with plenty of lively animations, coming also with a bright, almost sophisticated look. The game runs smoothly on any device, it doesn’t require many resources and it is a true delight, being recommended to all ages. At first, the turns between opponents might confuse you, but we’re sure you’re going to adapt very soon. The game graphics and mechanics make this a state of the art mobile game and users reviewing the game never complained about the game’s level of difficulty. The only truly difficult thing is to get all the answers to all the Trivia Crack questions. But don’t fret: you’ve come to the right place and there isn’t any Trivia Crack cheat you can’t find on this website.

One of the best things about the Trivia Crack Etermax product is that it is completely free. If you take a look around the Google Play store, you’ll find that the game is currently rated with 4.5 stars reviews. It has an awesome reputation in the United States and Canada, being the number one hit for months in a row.

The game is highly recommended to adults, but also children and teens alike and to all people who want to test their knowledge and also learn plenty of new things. The game allows players to share their achievements with others, combine several cognitive skills, wits and strategic thinking, chat live with the opponents and friends and have fun for days in a row! In comparison to other games, the Trivia Crack app can keep you entertained for longer periods of time, as it is built to be a perpetually fun and challenging game. Usually, a full game can last for 2 or 3 days.

Trivia Crack Questions, Game Play and User Experience

If you’re ready to embark in a quiz adventure, let’s see how this game is played and how you can win it by answering all the Trivia Crack questions. First of all we have to emphasize on the fact that the game’s objective in Classic mode is to correctly answer all the questions in all 6 categories so you can be the first one to win all the 6 characters which represent each category. These characters are cartoonish icons, each representing one category. Gathering all six of them makes you the ultimate winner. What you also should know is that you have Willy the Wheel to help you play the game. Willy is a colorful wheel consisting of seven slots: there are six categories of general knowledge and a seventh, special “crown” slot. You have to spin the wheel to be presented with a 4 – choice question from the category you landed on. Every time you get the correct Trivia Crack answers, a slot in the “crown” gauge is filled.

The beauty of this game is that it’s not a one-man show, but actually a competition, as we said in the beginning. You can start a new game by pressing the New Game button on the app. Then you have the choice of playing against a Facebook friend, a friend of yours who’s eager and willing to compete with you, or a random opponent who happens to welcome the challenge. You start with the 6 category empty slots and the crown – gauge and your quest is to answer correctly as many Trivia Crack questions correctly. Your turn is over when you give the game an incorrect answer and your opponent has the opportunity to show you how it’s done. However, your turn also ends when you won 3 characters in a row in only one turn. When you get the third character, your opponent takes control of the game. He or she has 72 hours to finish the turn. In 72 hours pass and they didn’t finish their turn, they’ll be forced by the game to forfeit.

The game is done and won when you or your opponent get all the 6 characters, or you both played a total of 25 rounds. If none of you got all the 6 characters during the 25 turns, the winner is the one who has the most characters. If it’s a tie, then you’ll both have a special 6 questions session you need to answer to correctly. The winner is the one giving the most Trivia Crack answers out of the six tie questions. If it’s still a tie, the winner is the one who initiated the game.

How can you get all the Trivia Crack answers correctly?

Being a game built to work on your general culture, you may find it hard to give the game all the correct answers. You may be a Geography mastermind, but the questions in the Sports section might throw you in a world of trouble. This is where you need some awesome Trivia Crack cheats and hints. After all, a bit of help didn’t hurt anyone and a solid Trivia Crack hack will get you where you want. In case you’re stuck to some question, the game has its own in-house help: you have in-game coins which in turn may help you get extra power – ups. For instance, you have only 30 seconds to answer a question. A purchased power – up allows you to spend an extra 15 seconds to think about the answer. You can also be granted the discard of two out of four choice answers, to skip a question entirely, and so on.

But why not give yourself the opportunity to answer all the questions in a row, learn a lot of new things and win the game by using our Trivia Crack online help pages? We have each category with its questions and answers and all you have to do is come on over, press CTRL + F to find the question that gives you troubles and read the answer below?

We don’t necessarily encourage cheating, but this is a competitive game which needs your full attention, all your brain skills and the full support you can get. This culture quiz should be treated seriously and this is what we offer: a full page of Trivia Crack questions and Trivia Crack answers for each of the six categories. You have enough time to spend your 30 seconds limit first thinking about the correct answer and the looking for the cheats and hints on the page. We encourage you to first think about the solution and then verify it with the one we display for each question. This way you will learn new things, stay entertained and win the game. It would be a shame to lose your turn or the game entirely just because you didn’t check your theories first, so give it a shot and use our Trivia Crack hack for each of the general culture categories.

Remember to share your results with your friends and drop us a line with your thoughts on our work, the ways we present you with the Trivia Crack answers and your own experience with the game and our full walkthroughs! Let the games begin!

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