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Trivia Crack Entertainment Answers

Welcome to a new category of Trivia Crack! This time we have Entertainment and we’re all in for a little treat, as the Trivia Crack answers for this section are right here below! Do you know your music, your movies or your books well enough? That’s for you to find out, as the game developers challenge you to find solutions to a lot of entertainment – related questions! But don’t worry: we won’t let you lose your turn or this game! On the contrary, we will help you beat the game and have leverage on your opponent, as we have all the Entertainment answers to all the Trivia Crack questions!

Testing your general knowledge and culture in a fun way is always one of the best practices, especially when you are stuck in a boring situation or you have some free time on your hands you want to spend in a smart way. Trivia Crack belongs to that special niche of intelligent entertainment, as it acts like a quiz, or even as a full Want to Be a Millionaire game. It is highly praised as a mobile app and highly popular as a smart mobile game.

If you get stuck to some question, come on over, use CTRL + F to find it and then get your answer in less than 30 seconds. Remember that we have all the Trivia Crack cheats, hints and questions fully answered for each game category. So let’s see together the Trivia Crack questions and the Trivia Crack answers for the Entertainment category!

Question: Which country’s popular dance is “samba”?

Answer: Brazil

Question: Who is Tim Burton?

Answer: Director

Question: Whats the name of the cat that wants to eat the smurfs?

Answer: Azraël

Question: In what TV show could you see the characters Daniel Faraday and Charles Widmore?

Answer: Lost

Question: Bruce Dickinson is the singer of what band?

Answer: Iron Maiden

Question: How many letters did Noah write to Allie in The Notebook?

Answer: 365

Question: Which of the Avengers is a god?

Answer: Thor

Question: How long did the TV series Bonanza last?

Answer: 14 years

Question: What is the official term for animated programs that originate in Japan?

Answer: Anime

Question: What is Chandler’s from “Friends” original job?

Answer: Data analysis and statistical configuration

Question: In the sitcom Friends, what is the “Joey Special”?

Answer: Two pizzas

Question: Who released the album ‘Born in the USA in 1984’?

Answer: Bruce Springsteen

Question: Who played guitar for Led Zeppelin?

Answer: Jimmy Page

Question: Whats the name of the fictional character who was born as an old person and got younger every day?

Answer: Benjamin Button

Question: How old was Michael Jackson when he died?

Answer: 50

Question: Which of these is not a House from Game of Thrones?

Answer: Baggins

Question: Complete the name of the famous country singer, Shania …?

Answer: Twain

Question: Who portrayed Hannibal the Cannibal in the movies?

Answer: Anthony Hopkins

Question: Which of the following associations between actor and character from Beverly Hills 90210 is wrong?

Answer: Tori Spelling as Kelly Taylor

Question: How old is Rapunzel in the movie “Tangled”?

Answer: 18

Question: Which group originally interpreted ” Smells like Teen Spirit”?

Answer: Nirvana

Question: In what Disney movie could you listen to the song ‘A Whole New World’?

Answer: Aladdin

Question: Who forms the couple nicknamed “Brangelina”?

Answer: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie

Question: What band released the single ‘Livin’ on a prayer’?

Answer: Bon Jovi

Question: Which of these is the dance-music wizard who released the albums Play and 18?

Answer: Moby

Question: Who played Frodo Baggins in Lord of The Rings?

Answer: Elijah Wood

Question: What breed was Lassie?

Answer: Collie

Question: Which band had no bass guitar player?

Answer: The Doors

Question: In the title of a Stevie Wonder hit, he just ‘Called to Say …’ what?

Answer: I love you

Question: Where did Beethoven spend most of his life and die?

Answer: Vienna

Question: In ”Family Guy”, what is Stewie Griffin’s middle name?

Answer: Gilligan

Question: What actor plays the role of Wolverine in X-men?

Answer: Hugh Jackman

Question: Who invented the Chinese torture box?

Answer: Harry Houdini

Question: Where does Batman live?

Answer: Gotham city

Question: What is the name of the princess in Mario Bros?

Answer: Peach

Question: What trophy will the winner of the Berlin Film Festival bring home?

Answer: A bear

Question: What year did the Red Hot Chili Peppers release their first album?

Answer: 1984

Question: How does the phrase “We must be swift as a coursing..” end?

Answer: River

Question: How many The Godfather movies are there?

Answer: 3

Question: Who directed the movie ‘Transformers’?

Answer: Michael Bay

Question: What is Sherlock Holmes brother called?

Answer: Mycroft

Question: What is the name of the main character in God of War?

Answer: Kratos

Question: In the comic strip “Calvin and Hobbies”, what animal does Calvin’s best friend turn into?

Answer: A tiger

Question: Jay Kay is the lead singer with which of these groups?

Answer: Jamiroquai

Question: What’s the name of the actor who portrays Dr.House?

Answer: Hugh Laurie

Question: What’s the name of Phineas brother?

Answer: Ferb

Question: Where was John Lennon from?

Answer: Liverpool

Question: Who did Andy Garcia portray in “The Godfather”?

Answer: Vincent Mancini

Question: In Cinderella’s story, what was turned into a carriage?

Answer: Pumpkin and mice

Question: Who was nominated for “Person of the year” by the TIME Magazine in 2013?

Answer: Pope Francis I

Question: In what famous TV series was George Clooney one of the leading roles?

Answer: ER

Question: Who played the role of the infamous doctor Hannibal Lecter in the movie ‘Silence of the Lambs’?

Answer: Anthony Hopkins

Question: What band recorded the album ‘Pulse’?

Answer: Pink Floyd

Question: Which of these villains is not one of Batman’s enemies?

Answer: Magneto

Question: The 2014 film Maleficent is based on which story?

Answer: Sleeping Beauty

Question: Which University did Howard Wolowitz, from the Big Bang Theory, take his Master’s degree?

Answer: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Question: What was the address Dori was looking for on Finding Nemo?

Answer: P Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sidney

Question: What is the last name of the family in the TV series ‘Family Guy’?

Answer: Griffin

Question: Where is the Cannes Film Festival celebrated?

Answer: France

Question: How many people were part of the main cast of the hit tv show Friends?

Answer: 6

Question: Which movie won an Oscar for best movie in 2008?

Answer: Slumdog Millionaire

Question: Where was Giuseppe Verdi from?

Answer: Italy

Question: What famous singer’s actual name is Robert Allen Zimmerman?

Answer: Bob Dylan

Question: Who directed the movie Black Swan?

Answer: Darren Aronofsky

Question: In which movie did Asa Butterfield play the role of a German kid?

Answer: The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

Question: What character from an animated feature film says “To infinity…and beyond!”?

Answer: Buzz Lightyear

Question: What’s Barney Stinson from TV series ‘How iMet Your Mother’s most used adjective?

Answer: Legendary

Question: What classic song did Pink, Mya, Lil’ Kim and Christina Aguilera remake in 2001?

Answer: Lady Marmalade

Question: What was Disney’s first sci-fi animation?

Answer: Atlantis

Question: Who is Spongebob SquarePants’ best friend?

Answer: Patrick

Question: Which music style did Bob Marley make famous?

Answer: Reggae

Question: From what movie is the quote: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get”?

Answer: Forrest Gump

Question: What social media uses a bird as their icon?

Answer: Twitter

Question: What is the name of the pug in Men in Black?

Answer: Frank

Question: What character from the animated feature film ‘Finding Nemo’ suffers from amnesia?

Answer: Dory

Question: From what film is the quote: Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die?

Answer: The Princess Bride

Question: What actor who played Superman was paralyzed from the neck down after falling of a horse?

Answer: Christopher Reeve

Question: Freak of Nature is the title of a worldwide hit album by whom?

Answer: Anastacia

Question: Who is the Snow Queen in the Walt Disney’s animated movie Frozen?

Answer: Elsa

Question: What’s the name of Tommy’s best friend in the cartoon ‘The Rugrats’?

Answer: Chucky

Question: Who was Naruto’s first sensei?

Answer: Iruka Sensei

Question: In what Indiana Jones movie is revealed that he has a son?

Answer: The Kingdom of Crystal Skull

Question: Which US State was Andrew, in the movie The Proposal, from?

Answer: Alaska

Question: What monarch is the main character in the TV series THE TUDORS?

Answer: Henry VIII

Question: What is Mario Bros daytime job?

Answer: Plumber

Question: Which Avenger uses a hammer?

Answer: Thor

Question: Who said the phrase “I am your father”?

Answer: Darth Vader

Question: Superman can physically be harmed by what?

Answer: Kryptonite

Question: Who is commonly referred to as “The King of Pop”?

Answer: Michael Jackson

Question: What’s the name of the princess from the animated feature film ‘Brave’?

Answer: Merida

Question: What character from Friends sings ‘Smelly Cat’?

Answer: Phoebe

Question: Who is the author of the Harry Potter series?

Answer: J.K. Rowling

Question: What was the nickname of Dr. Leonard McCoy in the original series of ‘Star Trek’?

Answer: Bones

Question: In which Quentin Tarantino film does John Travolta play the part of gangster Vincent Vega?

Answer: Pulp Fiction

Question: What band played the famous song Wonderwall?

Answer: Oasis

Question: Who played Holly Golightly in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s?

Answer: Audrey Hepburn

Question: Which of the following is not e scene for CSI?

Answer: Washington

Question: What is Chewbacca?

Answer: A Wookie

Question: Where is the band ABBA from?

Answer: Sweden

Question: What nationality is the singer Frida, formerly of Abba?

Answer: Norwegian

Question: In which of the following does the cartoon character Spongebob Squarepants live?

Answer: Bikini Bottom

Question: What is the real name of the American super-soldier, Captain America?

Answer: Steve Rogers

Question: What city does the family in Family Guy live in?

Answer: Quahog

Question: In the title of the Beatles album, to which club do Sergeant Pepper’s band members belong?

Answer: Lonely Hearts

Question: Which is the name of the bird in the movie UP?

Answer: Kevin

Question: What represents Green Lantern’s ring?

Answer: Willpower

Question: Who was the first Mexican director to win an Oscar for Best Director?

Answer: Alfonso Cuaròn

Question: In what famous Disney movie does the character Jafar appear?

Answer: Aladdin

Question: What color was Clifford, the giant dog?

Answer: Red

Question: Which game won the VGX award in 2013?

Answer: Grand Theft Auto V

Question: What’s a Muggle?

Answer: Non magic person

Question: Who played the character of Edward Scissorhands?

Answer: Johnny Depp

Question: What US president did Forrest Gump not meet?

Answer: Eisenhower

Question: With whom of the following was Michael Jackson married to?

Answer: Lisa Marie Presley

Question: Who won the Academy Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role in 2004?

Answer: Morgan Freeman

Question: Who is Alan in Two and a Half Men?

Answer: Charlie’s brother

Question: Where did Dumbo live?

Answer: In a circus

Question: Where does Pooh live?

Answer: Tree

Question: In which 1997 film is the US president, played by Harrison Ford, was kidnapped aboard an airplane?

Answer: Air Force One

Question: Which of the following is not part of the drums?

Answer: Platelet

Question: Who wrote the famous opera-rock song “Bohemian Rhapsody”?

Answer: Freddie Mercury

Question: What shape is Spongebob’s pants?

Answer: Square

Question: What year did ‘Thriller’ come out?

Answer: 1982

Question: What’s the name of the Sleeping Beauty?

Answer: Aurora

Question: Which movie won the Oscar for Best Animated Movie in the year 2014?

Answer: Frozen

Question: What actor portrayed the pirate Jack Sparrow?

Answer: Johnny Depp

Question: Which rapper has won more Grammy Awards?

Answer: Eminem

Question: Who was famous for the phrase “What’s up doc”?

Answer: Bugs Bunny

Question: Which stars name is an anagram of a European country?

Answer: Meg Ryan

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