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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 7

Logo recognizing games are about the most fun thing you can do with your smartphone to kill some time when you’re stuck in a traffic jam, or waiting for something, or too tired for anything else and just plainly bored. By engaging in one of these mini-attention marathons, you don’t just kill time, but you may even find out a thing or two about some brands or people or places you didn’t know about up to this point. If you too have joined this gaming app wagon, then you probably already agree that Logo Quiz Mangoo is one of the most awesome alternatives on offer, but it can surely get frustrating when you’re stuck somewhere at a level you just can’t seem to solve in time. Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Now you pass all the levels of this game easily with our complete walkthrough guide for Logo Quiz Mangoo. Here’s the key to solving level 7:


  • If you seriously don’t know this brand (or at least not well enough to recognize its logo), then by all probabilities you have the healthiest diet in the world. This brand is one of the staples of American fast food joints and it also spread throughout the world becoming one of the best known fast food restaurants wherever it went as well. One can’t really think of burgers nowadays without this food company springing to mind.
  • Since the products of this corporation are so-well known globally, one of them, the Big Mac, has even been chosen as a coin or an etalon by which to calculate the inflation of the world economy according to some charts. That’s how famous this company is. Of course, there has also been some fair share of controversy surrounding the food, as it has been for every other fast food joint, especially since the whole slow food movement, but the company is still popular and has a firm foot in the food business.
 logo quiz answer level 7

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