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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 23

We’re glad you join the rich Internet community of mobile gaming app users. Few things are more fun to do with your smartphone than some of the latest apps this IT branch had to offer. If you enjoy these little fun games you can play on your phone while waiting for the boring parts of your daily life to pass, then you must surely also enjoy the quizzing games. What could be more fun than seeing colorful and fun images and symbols and having to guess the names they stand for? The only downside to all the fun only seems to hit when you happen to get stuck somewhere. We’ve all been there – stuck on a level we just can’t solve or we think we know it but somehow our answer doesn’t appear to be the correct one. We have the solution for such unpleasant but unavoidable situations: we provide you with complete and detailed walkthroughs for all the levels of every mobile game you could think of. No need for endless internet searches trying to correctly identify what the answer might be, or hesitations, or the frustration of being stuck. Here’s the answer to level 23.


  • The logo pertains to one of the biggest American companies in the field of technology and consulting, though it is best known for its computer and IT products. The initials on the logo and that form the company’s name are an acronym for International Business Machines, a name most IT aficionados associate with various hardware and software products. But besides its computer-related business, the company is also very active in the field of infrastructure, consulting and holding services in various other technological areas, even going as far as nanotechnology. Sounds quite fancy and complicated, right? It probably is.
  • The logo’s blue color is also used by the company as a default color for its products and packaging, which led to the experts dubbing the brand “The Big Blue” instead of using its regular acronym name.
 logo quiz answer level 23

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