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Logo Quiz Mangoo Level 18

There are two types of players when it comes to the cute mobile app games the developers have flooded us with in the past two or three years: the people who like to read a walk-through before seriously playing a game, and the ones who like to try and find every answer for themselves. No kind of approach is better than the other; it’s more about a personality style or about the importance of being prepared and about the willingness to take risks. But even if you find yourself pertaining more to the second style of playing and you don’t want to know everything ahead, chances are you’ll eventually get stuck somewhere at a level you just can’t solve. Don’t worry: with our complete answer pages, playing Logo Quiz Mangoo is now easier than ever. Whether you want to know the answer to one or to all, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to correctly solve level 18:


  • Another delicious food item on our list! This one is as well known and loved as the previous entries that featured foodstuffs (well, beverage brands, to be more precise). The logo here stands for a brand which offers many varieties of commercially produced and packaged pastries and sweets, but it is best known for its chocolate biscuits. It may very well be the most famous and coveted brand of chocolate biscuits of the day, consisting of a lovely pair of round and dark biscuits, sandwiched together with a sweet white cream. The color contrast they provide is wonderfully pleasing. Most TV ads for these biscuits suggest they taste even more wonderful when served with milk (and maybe even dunked right in the glass). The habits of home consumers seem to confirm this suggestion. All in all, these are really great biscuits!
  • Since its introduction in the United States in 1912, these cookies have become the best-selling ones in the country. The brand also offers other varieties and limited edition takes on the classic combo, but the original version of dark cookies with a white milk cream is surely unbeatable. The name of the biscuit is so popular and well-known that it even managed to enter slang as an ethnic slur (not that we’re implying that’s a good thing), as something to call a colored person acting as a white person in a stereotypical manner.
 logo quiz answer level 18

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