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Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6

You’re 6 levels into finishing the game and maybe this is the moment when you realize that Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition can be quite addictive. It doesn’t matter, you’re not going to get in trouble for playing it, unless you’re doing it at work or in school. We’re here to support your addiction with two hints per movie star and help you name the celebrity whose bit of face is in the picture. We hope we’re providing you with enough information to guess the celebrity and if we’re not, you can always go online using our hints and search for more information.

Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 JAMES CAAN  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 DANIEL CRAIG  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 DANNY GLOVER  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 KEVIN SPACEY
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 GENE HACKMAN  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 BEN AFFLECK  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 BURT REYNOLDS  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 ADAM SANDLER
 Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 PENELOPE CRUZ  Close Up Celebs Movie Star Edition Level 6 MEL GIBSON

1. James Caan
-We all cringed when this actor was playing the role of a writer who got his feet smashed by a crazy female fan who was keeping him bedridden, in a movie based on a Stephen King novel.
-He’s got the face for playing villains, which he did in the movie Godfather.

2. Daniel Craig
-Nobody would have ever thought that James Bond could be blond, but this man helped us not only see it happen, but agree that it was a good idea.
-He’s married to a sexy actress who rose to fame in the movie The Mummy (1999)

3. Danny Glover
-He’s most known for reprising the role of a lethal police officer four times. Every time, he starred opposite Mel Gibson.
-He’s a harsh critic of the war in Iraq and has taken part in many anti-war demonstrations.

4. Kevin Spacey
-He was the vicious serial criminal in Seven and he’s also played an alien who didn’t quite remember where he came from.
-He’s currently the star of a Netflix political drama television series.

5. Gene Hackman
-This 84 year old actor is now retired and has been from 2004. He’s famous for his role in the 1971 movie about a French connection.
-He’s now a published author with three historical fiction novels who does not want to return to acting.

6. Ben Affleck
-He wrote and directed an Academy Award winner movie with his best friend Ben Affleck about a man who has a beautiful mind.
-He was close to marrying one Jennifer but is now married to another Jennifer and they have two daughters together and one son.

7. Burt Reynolds
-This 78 year-old actor is still active, but not as much as he was when he was a young bandit.
-He’s still a very handsome man and he’s one of the few actors in Hollywood who can rock a moustache and has been doing so for over 30 years.

8. Adam Sandler
-He’s a comedian who almost always plays the part of a man of lesser intelligence who has a heart of gold.
-He brings his good friend Rob Schneider to star in his movies, whenever he can.

9. Penelope Cruz
-She’s a Spanish sex-symbol who is famous for her great looks and cute accent. She’s married to a fellow Spaniard and has recently given birth to a daughter.
-She’s been in more movies than she can remember, including one directed by Woody Allen where she played opposite her current husband.

10. Mel Gibson
-He’s known for his bad temper and his anti-Semitic remarks, but back in the day, this actor was one of the popular Hollywood actors in the world, starring in movies about post-apocalyptic scenarios.
-He’s great friends with Jodie Foster and he’s fathered no fewer than 8 children with several women.

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