Guess the Song Answers New Music Quiz! AnswersDo you love music? Can you guess the song answers in a new music quiz game? Now it’s time to test your knowledge with the famous Guess the Song New Music Quiz game developed by JN Interactive AB! The company is known for other worldwide popular mobile app games such as Guess the Block, 4 Pics 1 Word – New Word Game or WordGenius. We are here today to take a closer look into this Guess the Song app, a new quiz which keeps you entertained by providing you with famous songs! The challenge is to listen to the samples and guess the song answers one by one!

This quiz is meant to keep people challenged and having fun no matter where they are. The game can be played every time you have some boring moments to kill, while stuck in a boring situation, while waiting for someone or something and even when you’re stuck in a traffic jam or travelling by subway or bus. We listen to music all the time, even when we walk. Why wouldn’t we enjoy music and have a blast with Guess the Song New Music Quiz? You can take this as an educational opportunity, as you can guess that song you’re listening to and develop your musical knowledge baggage. The Guess the Song app game is a perfect quiz for all ages to remember good music and to also learn new songs! Let’s see what this awesome game has in store for us at a first glance:

  • It comes with thousands of songs in more than 200 levels.
  • You can guess the song answers for every level and then move to the next, unlocking new levels each time you get many correct solutions in a row.
  • Music Quiz Guess the Song can be easily played on any smart device running Android.
  • The guess song quiz answers are easy to go through if you are indeed a music lover; if you get stuck, however, we have all the New Music Quiz Guess the Song answers you need to beat the game, in a complete Guess the Song online walkthrough.
  • The game gives you four types of hints; the less in-game hints you use, the more points you score; each type of hint is worth a certain number of points; each correct answer wins you coins.
  • Don’t mistake this game for the 4 Pics One Song answers, as this is an entirely different game, just as entertaining.

As we said, we have all the cheats and all the Guess the Song answers, but you should know what to expect before playing the Guess the Song New Music Quiz.

As you can see, this is not just a very entertaining game, but also an educational one. You may be able to guess the song answers for the first levels, but are you able to guess that song answers when it comes to more advanced ones? Are you able to unlock all levels? Can your kids and teenagers guess the song answers belonging to different musical eras? Listen to music, play the game and learn new things about music and tunes! And remember, if you get stuck to a song, come on over and find ourGuess the Song online cheats!

Guess the Song Answers – New Music Quiz Tech Specs and Highlights

Guess the Song is a very popular game with hundreds of thousands of downloads in the iTunes store. Let’s look into the tech specs and highlights of this game and see if it is really as good as it is advertised:

  • The app requires iOS 6.0 or later.
  • The game is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
  • This trait makes the game flexible enough to adjust to almost all iOS running smart devices.
  • The latest updates made by the game developers introduced a few new songs and fixed a few previous bugs.
  • The size of the game is around 37 MB – enough space to enjoy the guess that song challenges without affecting your smartphone’s performances.
  • The Guess the Song app is free in the iTunes store.
  • You have a few in-app purchases you might be interested in:
  • 400 coins = $0.99
  • 850 coins = $1.99
  • 2200 coins = $4.99
  • 5000 coins = $9.99
  • 12000 coins = $19.99
  • Guess the Song is highly appreciated by reviewers, boasting 4 stars in iTunes.
  • The audio samples of the songs you need to guess are crystal clear and you won’t have problems hearing and understanding them.
  • The songs you need to guess, belonging to famous artists or female singers or other musicians are all well-known, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling obscure tunes or anonymous artists along the way.
  • You can guess the music you hear in matter of seconds by yourself or you can use our Music Quiz Guess the Song answers and Guess the Song game cheats to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Our Guess the Song online resources are separated in 20 levels pages, to make it easier for you to check out the answers; this goes along the general structure of the game.
  • Each music challenge comes with four in-game hints – among them there’s the “play backwards” one which you might enjoy, even if it won’t help many guessing the song faster.
  • You can make use of the “bomb” – an in-game Assist Menu that allows you to spend some coins on some extra helping hands: remove letters, reveal letters, reveal song, clear level. Keep in mind that these helpers cost a lot of coins which you might not have. That’s why you can beat the game with our free Guess the Song answers as well.

Guess the Song Answers – New Music Quiz Game Play and User Experience

You can enjoy yet another fun and challenging quiz game, but this time it’s the music you have to focus on, the name of the songs you hear and even the artists playing the tunes. The game allows you to unlock levels along the way, discover well-known or less-known songs and artists and have a lot of fun.

Some guess the song games you find online give you pictures or clues for you to get the guess the song answers correctly, but this one actually makes you listen to the song and then give the game the correct answer. The game runs smoothly and the latest updates make it even easier to compete in this quiz competition.

As we said earlier, with 4 stars and millions of positive reviews, this game is a rock star in itself among users. They called it “awesome”, “amazing” and “wonderful”, emphasizing on the game’s power of bringing back memories, challenging cognitive skills and teaching many people (children, teens and adults alike) a lot of new things about modern music, lyrics and artists.

How Can You Get All the New Music Quiz App Answers Correctly?

If you’re ready to get all the Guess the Song answers in a row, have your mind challenged, your memory jogged and your music knowledge shaken and enhanced, let’s see what we can do for you! As you are used to by now, we have help pages and resources for almost all popular mobile app games ever made, and if we don’t have some walkthroughs, we are working on them as we speak.
Same goes for the Guess the Song game cheats and the complete lists of New Music Quiz Guess the Song answers: we have them level by level, spread on many pages, so play the game, and keep our online resource pages open. Whenever you get stuck to a song you can’t recognize, look for the correct New Music Quiz answers and move on. The game is simply built, but with so many tunes and artists, it’s possible to get confused. Keep in mind that many games you will hear come in a random order, so if you don’t find the answer to some challenge on one page, try find it on the others! This is why it’s better to keep these pages open and browse in between them.

We also recommend you to first listen to each song the game gives you, try to come up with an answer on your own and then verify your own solution against ours. We do provide you with all the New Music Quiz answers and the Guess the Song game cheats, but we do encourage you to think, put your mind and memory to work and check your answers against ours for good measures. How else can you learn new songs, new lyrics and new artists? Of course, you can also use many guess the song Facebook answers as well.

Are you ready to spend some time having fun and playing with music? If you are, let’s see the Guess the Song app answers and let’s guess that song! Make sure you make it to the end of the game to unlock new levels. The game’s in-app clues and hints are also very helpful, but remember that the sample of the song you hear at each level is short enough to leave you puzzled. Make sure you also spell correctly the song name. As we said, every time you need a hand, come on over and check your answers with our Guess the Song app cheats.


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