The famous Bible Trivia game created by Salem New Media is a Bible-centered educational game with millions of users worldwide. Today we are here to look into the Bible Trivia questions and answers and learn together many great things about the Books and Jesus, to test and strengthen our faith and have some fun too.

Salem New Media is a well known company active in the field of Bible trivia games, whose Bible trivia questions are dedicated to educate and test the knowledge of kids and adults alike. The Bible Trivia questions and answers revolve around Bible verses, Jesus quotes, and audio clues, guessing the names of important biblical figures and recognizing Bible Trivia facts from the Books. This particular Bible Trivia quiz is one of the highest rated Bible trivia games in Google Play and the Apple Store and won the hearts of all players using the app.

While we do have all Bible Trivia questions and answers, we should give you an overall description of this magnificent, complex and educational Bible trivia app so you know what to expect:

  • The latest updated version of Bible Trivia comes with 214 levels, all revolving around Bible trivia facts.
  • Each question/ challenge comes together with four possible choices and you have to pick the correct one; they are some of the best trivia questions on Bible facts you’ll ever meet.
  • Bible Trivia is available on Android and iOS.
  • The Bible Trivia questions and answers focus on the Old Testament and New Testament, Jesus quotes, Bible verses with fill-in-the-blanks challenges and clues, facts from the Books (from Genesis to Revelations), important figures in the Bible (Apostles, Virgin Mary and so on) and audio clues you need to answer to.
  • The questions are crafted by alumni from the Dallas Theological Seminary, making this game an awesome bible trivia for youth challenge.
  • The audio clues are spoken in the most beautiful British accent you’ve ever heard, a reason more to play the Bible Trivia game.
  • The in-game Bible Trivia questions and answers can be verified by looking into the source of the answers if you so wish to.
  • The game has a very important educational, instructional and spiritual component to it; it is one of the highest rated trivia questions for kids concerning Christianity and the Bible.
  • The adults rating the game often say that this Bible Trivia is one of the best Bible games they played, as it involves the whole family and challenges everyone to make a contribution, to learn and strengthen their faith.

As an educational game, this is perhaps the best built Bible trivia questions game on the Internet. Answering the Bible questions and challenges featured by the game people can not only learn new things, but remember better the things they already know.

This Bible quiz is a good exercise for children too, expanding their horizons and their spiritual knowledge baggage. Usually, Bible trivia for kids revolves around well known facts, but this game in particular also focuses on details and deep knowledge.

The Bible Trivia Questions and Answers Tech Specs and Highlights

We are looking into the Bible Trivia game version 110 developed by Salem New Media. Let’s see the Bible Trivia questions game and detail a few important tech specs and highlights:

  • It runs on Android 3 and upwards.
  • It runs on iOS 4.0 or later, being compatible with many iPhone and iPad models.
  • The latest updates made by the game developers fixed some older previous bugs and “cleaned” the game of many unnecessary ads.
  • Bible Trivia requires only 30 M of storage on Android.
  • Bible Trivia is affordable as an in-app purchase in Google Play and you can get it at a very compelling price.
  • Bible Trivia is a highly appreciated Bible quiz, with hundreds of thousands of downloads in Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • It is rated 4.7 stars by users in both Google Play and the Apple Store.
  • The game runs smoothly and is compatible with almost all smart devices, newer or older.
  • The audio clues are a delight to listen to and answer to.
  • The Bible trivia questions are sometimes tricky and sometimes easy to answer to, but they are all meant to test your knowledge and keep you entertained for hours.

There are a few Bible Trivia highlights you also should know about:

  • The Bible Trivia questions display various levels of difficulty, making them perfect for those with deep Bible knowledge, but also for those who are willing to learn more. You will have to find your way through easy Bible trivia questions and a few harder ones.
  • It is one of the best Bible games for children, the youth and the whole family.
  • Users say this is one of the most interesting and appreciated Christmas gifts they received or offered to their loved ones.
  • The game is incredibly versatile, presenting the Bible questions and challenges in a large variety of ways; it is never boring, on the contrary.

One of the best parts of the Bible Trivia questions and answers game is that it addresses a wide array of Bible knowledge. The Bible questions are meant for long time believers and Bible readers, but it can be viewed as a fun and easy introduction into Christian matters and Bible studies for the ones new to the subject. Parents love this game the most, as it makes an entertaining educational game for children having to remember and recognize Bible verses and Jesus quotes. Consider this some kind of Bible jeopardy for the whole family!

The game can get hard and difficult sometimes, but the multiple choice answers system is a good starting point to test your Bible knowledge. However, if you are not sure of the correct answer or some Bible challenge manages to confuse you, there are always the Bible Trivia questions and answers we provide right here on the next pages, so you can better test your Bible knowledge and finish the game.

Usually, Bible quizzes have few questions and don’t go deeper than generally and universally known information. On the contrary, being built to challenge the mind and the knowledge, this Bible Trivia game focuses on various fields of study. With over 200 questions and puzzles, the game can be considered one of the best Bible trivia games that blessed the Internet.

The Bible Trivia Questions and Answers, Game Play and User Experience

If you are ready to play Bible Trivia and test your Bible and Christian faith knowledge, then it’s time to talk about the Bible Trivia questions and answers and how you can make the best out of them. If you are a master of Bible facts, many of the Bible Trivia questions won’t give you any troubles. However, many people said they had to stop and think about the answers to a question for a while, as some of them are not that obvious as they might seem at a first glance. Bible Trivia carries your steps through all the Books and through the most important and crucial Bible facts, figures, events and Jesus quotes.

The ones just discovering the game also say the Bible Trivia questions made them more and more curious about the Bible and incited them to read more, study more, research more, and this is just great, especially for children and youth.

Last but not least, besides its deep educational, instructional and spiritual side, all players of all ages agree the game is incredibly entertaining. Guessing Bible trivia facts makes time pass in a super funny and intelligent manner. It can be played during a road trip with the family in the car, while stuck in traffic, while stuck in a boring situation (waiting for somebody, waiting for something to start), while travelling by subway or just when you’re in a long waiting line. Adults also mentioned that the Bible quiz is fun to play by yourself, but it is even more entertaining when you play it in groups, at home with the kids or even in the classroom at school with the pupils.

How Can You Get All the Bible Trivia Questions and Answers Correctly?

Some players said the game has pretty easy Bible trivia questions, but admitted they had good knowledge of the Bible. However, if you’re just looking for a new way of growing your Bible facts baggage and spend time in a smart, spiritual manner (but you don’t know all the Bible Trivia questions and answers), you’ve come to the right place!

If you are sure you can handle this Bible jeopardy, then you can start playing the game and have fun. But if some Bible Trivia questions manage to confuse you, we have all the Bible Trivia questions and answers displayed on our help pages, to make sure you learn new things and fix the correct answers in your memory. So let’s see the Bible Trivia questions and answers, a full walkthrough, cheats and hints! Have some fun answering all Bible Trivia questions one by one! Good luck!

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