Hello to all Game Circus 4 Pics 1 Song players! As you all know, this app is about guessing song titles by identifying 4 hints as pictures. You will find all famous songs and you will become addicted in just 2 or 3 levels. We are here to assist you to get out of trouble if you are unable to recognize some of the titles. So why to worry? Just take a peek at the 4 Pics 1 Song Level 2 Answers page and have all those 4 Pics 1 Song answers come to you!

We’re sure you know your music, but just in case some hints are too obscure even for your musical knowledge and skills, fret no more! Here we have the 4 Pics 1 Song Answers for this second level! Enjoy the ride!

Level 2-1 Free Bird A man in a read cap celebrating victory; A red bird composed and relaxed; A church building; A few birds flying. This is a gospel song celebrating a liberated soul. Level 2-2 Bubbly Glasses of wine and bubbles; Many bubbles of a drink; Two glasses full of drinks; Blue bubbles. The song is about celebration. Level 2-3 Turn The Page The turning right symbol; A man opening pages of a bible; A hand opening a note book; An opened and book marked page; Turning to God. Level 2-4 Dust In The Wind A desert and dry land; A hand picking an item from the ground; A wind mill used to produce electricity; Wind bending trees. Level 2-5 Killer Queen The bee queen; A lady with a dagger yelling at an enemy; A queen standing with her emblem, and many bees; Level 2-6 Scream & Shout A lady screaming; Another girl shouting and crying; A lady shouting in a public address system some items destroyed; Level 2-7 Spotlight A sport light shines on a seat; An artist on stage; A sport light; A lady performs on stage. Entertainment performances Level 2-8 Shots Drinks in two glasses; Fruits being using used to make a drink; People comforting a person who looks sick, a healthy drink in a glass. The song is about importance of fruits on our health. Level 2-9 Chasing the Sun A man and a child dashing towards the sun; A man and his pet rushes towards the sun; A hand is stretched so as to reach the sun; A picture of the sun. The song is about the sun. Level 2-10 Hall Of Fame A picture of the hall of fame; An entry to the hall; The inside of the hall of fame; Gospel about a man worshiping in the hall. Level 2-11 Red Solo Cup An aerial view of a glass of red wine; A man enjoying himself as he plays a guitar; A picture of a glass of wine taken from an angle; A picture of a man having a glass of wine. It’s a celebration song. Level 2-12 Hurt A man hurt at the back holding it to prevent blood from oozing; A person seen engaging in a dangerous game; An image of a lady scared; A tool used in the gym. Dangerous games that can lead to injuries. Level 2-13 Beat It The picture of a nerve; A picture of a heart and music; A person dancing to the tune; A picture of a person thrilled by the music. Level 2-14 Born To Be Wild A picture of a Baby; A two figure salute; A young bee flying around; A picture of a Tiger; A song about being wild. Level 2-15 I Will Wait A picture of an eye longing to see; A river flowing in a dry land; Weights used in a gym; People stretching in a gym; The song is about love. Level 2-16 Wide Awake A picture of a man in the field with hands raised; A man eager to have a full view of what is happening; A person lying down but watching; A person seated on the bed. This song about love.

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