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Logo Quiz Answers Level 2

Gosh, Logo Quiz sure can be addictive, right? That’s because it keeps feeding you a seemingly endless line of famous logos – and just when you’re jubilating, thinking you got every single one of them down to pat, up comes one you can’t quite place. The logo you’ve never seen before, or the one which you know, but whose associated brand you can’t remember for the life of you. So, what do you do? Are you going to quit now, that you’ve made it to Level 2 of the Logo Quiz game? We think not! How about checking out our Level 2 Logo Quiz answers walkthrough below, complete with informative hints?

Logo Quiz Answers Level 2
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 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 pepsi  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 cocacola  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 ericsson  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 unicef
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 roncato  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 playstation  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 adobe  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 ikea
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 olay  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 nintendo  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 dacia  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 konica-minolta
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 minute-maid  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 yahoo  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 heineken  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 kleenex
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 toyota  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 sap  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 youtube  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 mercedes
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 lotto  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 ups  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 allianz  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 nasa
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 dreamworks  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 alfa-romeo  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 nivea  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 skoda
 Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 wikipedia  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 dunlop  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 pantene  Logo Quiz Answers Level 2 corona

Lucas Arts
-The logo features the yellow, stylized figure of a man, who appears to be running or dancing with the sun above his head and his arms extended upward.
-Best known for publishing and licensing video games, it also developed games of its own until 2013. It was founded in 1982 by George Lucas.

-The logo features the silhouetted head of a ram, drawn in red, within a red and white shield shape.
-It belongs to the Chrysler Group of companies and produces automobiles, sports utility vehicles, and minivans. It was founded by two brothers in 1900 and started producing cars in 1915, making it one of the oldest American carmakers still active on the market.

-The Panasonic logo features the brand’s name with a capital initial, in blue letters, with the logo ‘ideas for life’ written underneath it, in greyish blue and at a lower opacity setting.
-It is based in Japan, in Osaka, and was founded in 1918. It’s one of the best known Japanese producers of electronics, but also offers non-electronic products and services. It’s the world’s fourth largest producer of TVs, by 2012 market share.

Toys r us
-The most distinctive feature of the logo is the inverted capital R in blue, with a white star instead of a semicircle inside it.
-Founded in 1948 and based in Wayne, New Jersey, it’s famous for making toys and products for babies. It’s the exclusive retailer of the FAO Schwarz brand.

Hello Kitty
-This logo is iconic: it comprises of the white, anime-style head of a cat, with two beady black eyes and a red ribbon pinned to its right-hand ear.
-One of the best known icons of the Japanese kawaii subculture, it’s a worldwide marketing phenomenon, worth $5 billion per year. Though it was initially targeted at female tweens, it now includes the adult segment of the market, too.

-The logo is a black shield shape with a historic sailboat facing forward, drawn in yellow. The ship’s main sail is red, with yellow lines and a yellow flag.
-The brand is best known for its four-wheel-drive vehicles and it’s a British brand, initially owned by Jaguar. In 2008, it was sold to Tata Motors. All cars take their name from the 1948 Land Rover.

-It features three black vertical lines: two curved ones on each side and a straight one in the middle, all of them converging at the top.
-In Japanese, the name of this brand means “to hit the target”. The brand name has been owned by several companies since it first appeared and currently belongs to a French publisher. It’s one of the world’s pioneers in arcade games, computers, and gaming consoles.

-The logo is a black horse, propped up on its two hind feet, against a yellow background. At the top of the yellow rectangle, there are three lines in Italy’s national colors: green, white, and red.
-This Italian automaker is famously based in Maranello, Italy, and was founded in 1929. Its foremost products are luxury sports cars. In 1969, it was acquired by Fiat.

-There are two distinctive marks on this logo: a black spiraling shape on top of the initial W, and a yellow ellipse toward the end of the brand’s name.
-This American producer of home appliances is probably best known for its washing machines, but also produces KitchenAid, Amana, Jenn-Air, and several other products. In 2006, it became the largest maker of home appliances in the world.

-The logo consists of two sets of black vertical lines, which form two arrow-like shape. Each set contains four lines in different sizes and they share the line in the middle.
-This corporation designs, produces, and sells networking equipment. Throughout the past three decades it’s been instrumental in the popularization of the Internet and since 2009 it has been publicly listed on the Dow Jones.

-This logo is easily recognizable thanks to the dark blue, horizontal oval shape, with a silver border
-It’s the second largest automaker in the United States and the fifth largest in the world. It was founded in 1903 and, since then, it continues to produce vehicles. It owns part of Mazda, Aston Martin, and China’s Jiagling.

-This logo features a small white ‘f’ on a shimmering blue background, in the shape of a square with rounded corners.
-Founded in 2004, by several Harvard students, this social networking platform has expanded far beyond its initial aims: to allow Harvard, and then Ivy League students to connect. You need to be 13 years-old before you can become a registered user of the website.

-It represents a stylized eagle, made out of black horizontal stripes, with its wings spread wide. The initials G. A. are present at the bottom of the shape.
-Founded in 1975, in Italy, by the fashion designer whose name it bears, this label produces several types of products, including luxury clothing, ready-to-wear, perfumes, and products for the home. The brand also operates a network of cafés around the world.

-This logo features a capital X in the lower part of a blue square, connected to the upper right corner of the square through a red diagonal line.
-This French investment, retirement, and insurance group is made up of several businesses; together they offer life and health insurance, among other types, and can also manage your investments. It was founded in 1817.

-It’s a rectangle with two navy blue horizontal lines, one at the top and one at the bottom, and divided vertically into two smaller rectangles – one red and one white.
-This lifestyle brand, best known for its fashion products, is worth $6 billon. Aside from clothing, it produces accessories, fragrances, jewelry and furnishings for the home. It has been open for business since 1985.

-It’s a black shiny circle, with a small stylized ‘a’ in the central, left-hand side.
-This company has tried it all, when it comes to press and the media, including movie theaters, filmmaking, publishing, etc.. Since 2007, when it sold off its associated radio station, the company’s operations have been almost entirely reduced to television.

-The logo is a square shaped flag, divided into four equal squares, much like the panes on a window. Each inner square is a different circle: orange, green, yellow, and blue.
-This brand first saw the light of day on November 20, 1985, as the visual interface for MS-DOS, as it rode the wave of interest in GUIs. During the 80s and 90s, the brand became the most popular one on the global PC market, with a share of over 90 per cent.

-The golden yellow logo is shaped like the nameplate on the door to an actor’s cabin.
-You can view over 6,000 movies and TV shows on this online platform, which launched in 1990. It was purchased by in 1998, and, as of April 2014, the site’s database contained over 2,800,000 titles, including TV show episodes, 52 million registered users and 5.8 million personalities.

-It replicates the Swiss flag: a white cross, neatly inscribed inside a red square.
-This brand put an end to the so-called quartz crisis that the watchmaking industry saw during the 1980s, with its 1983 launch, which was immensely successful. The brand’s name is a coinage based on the phrase ‘second watch’, as its founders wanted to introduce the concept of watches as fun, relatively disposable wearable items.

-It’s the company name, written in black all-capitals, in a particular font face, and ending in the letter ‘y’.
-This company produces electronics, games, various entertainment products, and is also active in the financial services sector. It was founded under the Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo name in May 1946 and got its current name in 1958. Its name comes from the Latin word for sound, as well as from a popular American term used during the 50s for “boy”.

-The logo consists of four intertwined, horizontally aligned silver circles.
-This brand got its name from its founder’s last name – Horch. This German name translates as “listen” into English, while the brand’s name means the exact same thing, but in Latin. The four rings in the logo represent the four car companies that formed Auto Union, the company on which this German automaker is based.

-It is made up of three geometric shapes: two triangles pointing to the right, one green and one silver, one on each side of a cellphone shaped silver rectangle, positioned upright.
-Based in Taiwan, this mobile phone producer started out by designing and manufacturing devices based on the Windows Mobile operating system. In 2009 they expanded their range to Android-based devices and in 2010 they also took on Windows Phones. Unfortunately, the company’s stock price has fallen by 90 per cent since 2011, according to media reports.

-The logo is the company name, written in blue all caps, in a particular font face. The logo includes the letter ‘k’, which is not the final letter in the company name.
-Best known for its mobile phones, this company actually sold off its cellphone division to Microsoft, in 2014. Apparently, they will invest $100 million made from that sale into developing smart car technologies, to compete with Google’s similar project. They’re based in Finland and provide apps, games, music, media, and messaging services, as well as digital map information services.

-The logo is the company’s name, written in blue capitals, across a white circle with a blue border. The company name can be read from the bottom up, from left to right.
-Based in Round Rock, Texas, U.S.A., this computer technology company develops, sells, fixes, and provides support for computers and other related products. It’s named after its founder and is one of the largest tech corporations at a global level, with over 103,300 employees worldwide.

-The logo is a white, stylized, mountain peak-like shape, inside half a black circle.
-The name of this brand literally means “the kind” in Hawaiian Pidgin. Though it was founded in Hawaii, the company is now based in Oregon. To this day, they continue to make sportswear for alternative sports, sponsor team riders, and are massively involved in skiing, windsurfing, kiting, biking, snowboarding, and skateboarding.

Aston Martin
-It is a pair of wings, with radial lines streaking across them, from the center to the tip of the wings. At the point where the wings connect, there’s a horizontal, elongated green rectangle.
-Founded in 1913, by Lionel Martin and Robert Barnford, this brand has all but become synonymous with luxury cars. It was purchased by the Ford Motor Company in 1994 and sold to a consortium of investors in 2007, for GBP479 million. In 2010, the company had 1,250 employees.

-It is the capital letter N, in white, inside a shiny circle, whose upper two thirds are colored blue, while the bottom third is black. One leg of the letter N hangs over a white circular streak.
-This U.S. computer services company is best known as a (formerly) independent company that managed to come up with its very own web browser. It’s credited with aiding in the development of the Secure Sockets Layer Protocol and has been owned by AOL since 1998. At the moment, the brand is being used by the parent company to market a discounted ISP.

-This famous logo consists of two capital C’s overlain or intertwined, one facing left and the other one right.
-Perhaps the world’s most famous French, as well as global fashion brand, it is almost synonymous with the name of its legendary founder. The brand was created in 1909 and, as of September 2010, it boasted no fewer than 310 locations around the world. It revolutionized fashion several times, through ‘inventing’ the Little Black Dress concept, as well as for releasing several famous fragrances.

-The logo consists of the brand name, written in stylized red letters. The logo includes a distinctive, ample V, as well as a ‘Z’, followed by the word ‘foundation’ written in black italics.
-This company was once a part of Bell Atlantic, formed in the aftermath of AT&T renunciation of the Bell System. The brand’s name is a portmanteau word, formed from the Latin word for truth and the word the describes the line where the sky and the earth meet. It’s a provider of landline, mobile phone, and Internet services.

-The logo is the brand name, written in block capitals, designed in the style of the 1960s – highly stylized and angular.
-This is a fashion brand based in Iceland, which started out in 1990s with a handful of handmade items. Nowadays, it’s one of the world’s most popular sportswear and outer wear brands for women. It sells swimming suits, jackets, athletic tops and bottoms, and snowboarding gear.

-The logo is a cross-shaped shiny golden shape with silver borders. The shape is stretched out horizontally and divided into two straight down the middle.
-This brand is probably the most famous brand of American cars and many equate the image of these powerful, massive vehicles, with the concept of America itself. It was founded in 1911 and nowadays it sells cars all over the world – including Europe, where it was re-launched in 2005. It produces personal and commercial vehicles as well as trucks, and offers vehicle repair, insurance, and financing services.

Cartoon Network
-It is a white capital C on a black background, with a black capital N on a white background. The backgrounds are volumetrically designed squares, with a blue shadow behind each.
-This logo belongs to a TV channel that mostly airs animated shows, be they action, comedy, or kids’ shows. It’s mostly targeted at kids and teens aged 7 to 15 and has an adult sister channel, called Adult Swim, which is treated as a different entity altogether, both for promotional, as well as for Nielsen ratings purposes.

-The logo is a stylized butterfly, with its body colored blue and each wing colored in the Windows brand colors: blue, orange, yellow, and green.
-This website network powered by Microsoft was first launched as an online service and ISP in 1995, with the release of Microsoft’s Windows 95 OS. It also hosted Windows’ popular Hotmail email platform, as well as several other services that have since come to be offered under the brand name Windows Live. Its Alexa rank for April 2014 was 33.

-It consists of three wide, black diagonal lines, which increase in size from left to right.
-This brand takes its name from bits of its founder’s name and has, in the forty years that have elapsed since its founding, the world’s best known brand of sportswear, sports shoes, and sports-related accessories. In 2012, the company made a reported EUR34.48 billion and its profit was reported at EUR787 million in 2013.

-It represents a stylized male silhouette (an athlete) running with an ample stride as he carries a flower bouquet in his hand. He is inside a black circle, bordered by a concentric yellow circle.
-This flower delivery network boasts an impressive 58,500 affiliated flower shops, in more than 140 countries around the world. It was founded in 1920 by a florist and a nurseryman from the United Kingdom, who wanted to increase their business. From 2005 onward, the company has seen some financial difficulties, as several high street florists have entered their market segment.

-It is the group of letters ‘in’, written in small white letters and placed inside a blue square with rounded edges.
-This social networking platform is focused on business. It was launched in 2003 and by 2006 it had already amassed 20 million visitors. In 2013, the company reported over 259 million users in over 200 countries and territories from around the world. The site is now available in 20 different languages. The company’s CEO is a former Yahoo! exec.

-The logo is the brand name, written in an italicized, green font face.
-This company founded in 1970, by a tennis ball manufacturer from Princeton, New Jersey. Today, it continues to produce items related to this noble sports: equipment, shoes, apparel, both for tennis, as well as for several other similar sports (squash, badminton, etc.). among other companies, it was once owned by the Benetton Group.

-It consists of three green vertical lines of approximately the same length, which look like claw marks etched into a surface.
-This energy drink brand was launched in 2002 and, much like the logo, it comes in a packaging design that features green on black. Fittingly enough, the brand also supports several extreme sports competitions (for BMX, motocross, skateboarding, and snowboarding, among others) and promotes alternative bands, including Shinedown and Asking Alexandria.

-The logo is the capital letter H in silver, with a bigger upper part and a smaller bottom. The H sits inside a rectangle with rounded corners and slightly rounded lines.
-This Japanese corporation is specialized in making cars and motorcycles – in fact, since 1959 it’s been the world’s biggest manufacturer of motorcycles. It also holds the title of the world’s largest producer of internal combustion engines, and that of the world’s eighth largest car manufacturer.

-The logo is an angular, stylized red S, a capital letter.
-This Japanese car and motorcycle producer also makes marine engines, ATVs, wheelchairs, small internal combustion engines, and a lot of other products used in the automotive industry. In 2011, it was the tenth biggest carmaker in the world, by production volume alone. It’s got 35 production facilities in 23 different countries and a staff of 45,000.

In n out
-The logo includes a yellow arrow with a red outline, which comes up from the bottom, takes a turn to the right and has its head pointing right.
-This regional chain of fast food restaurants has locations all over California and the Southwestern part of the United States. It was founded in the late 1940s by an American couple and is currently owned by their only grandchild. It’s among the few U.S. fast food chains that pays its employees more than minimum wage.

-The logo is a stylized peacock, whose body is represented by a white triangle. It has three ‘feathers’ on each side, a total of six, each of them a different color: yellow, orange, burgundy, purple (red), blue, and green.
-This company is active both in the field of television, as well as in that of radio broadcasting. Its headquarters are in the GE Building of New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Its distinctive logo has prompted some to call it the ‘Peacock Network’, which symbolizes the company’s color broadcasts. The network has 11 stations it owns and operates and more than 200 affiliates all over the U.S.

-The logo consists of the brand’s name written in cursive white letters, against the background of a purple rectangle with a frame-like white border.
-Made popular by Pop Art painter Andy Warhol, this brand of canned soup and other related foodstuff was founded in 1869. Today, its products are sold in 120 countries around the world as solutions for simple meals. It also has a health beverage division and one specialized in ready-to-serve baked snacks.

-The logo consists of a shield-like shape, with orange borders and the words ‘motor’ and ‘company’ written in capital orange letters on the upper and lower sides of the shield respectively. On top of the shield there’s a black horizontal rectangle with the same orange border.
-This is the world’s most famous motorcycle brand, closely associated with the American Dream and other U.S. values. It was founded as early as 1903 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and was one of the only two American motorcycle manufacturers to survive the Great Depression. The brand keeps alive through its network of clubs and events and also runs a museum.

-This famous logo is a circle, part red, part blue, separated by a blue sail-like shape. The circle has a white border and a blue outline.
-One of the world’s most famous soft drinks, this brand saw the light of day in 1893, under the moniker ‘Brad’s Drink’. It’s one of the two major opposing factions in the famous Cola Wars, which became heated during the 1970s. Interestingly enough, the dissolution of the USSR made this particular brand lose market share in the area, as it became associated with the old Communist regime.

-Perhaps one of the most famous logos in the world, it consists of the brand name written in a special cursive font, either in red or in white. The first letter of the logo is a striking capital C.
-Introduced to the market in 1886, this hugely popular carbonated soft drink was initially meant to be used as medicine. Its rise to worldwide popularity can be resolutely chalked up to businessman and marketing pioneer Asa Griggs Candler, who placed the brand at the top of the world’s ‘love marks’ charts.

-The logo is a circular shape, which looks like a glowing red sphere or marble, inside a silver or metallic grey sphere.
-When a Japanese tech giant teamed up with a Swedish telecommunications equipment producer, this brand was born – in 2001. The Japanese company bought out their partners in 2012 and now operates a business based in Tokyo, which produced no fewer than 10.7 million smartphones in the 4th quarter of 2013 alone.

-The logo consists of the blue silhouettes of a mother and child. The mother is holding the child up, against the background of the planet Earth. In turn, the planet is surrounded by a light blue laurel wreath.
-This United Nations humanitarian program has the noble mission of providing long-term assistance and development help to children and mothers in developing countries. It’s a not-for-profit organization that exists thanks to donations from governments around the world, as well as from private individuals. Estimates say it made over $3.3 billion in income in 2008.

-The logo is a capital V shape in red. The left arm of the letter V looks like the front half of the capital letter R.
-This Italian luggage manufacturer was founded by a man whose last name came to baptize the brand itself. He established the business in the 1970s and is still its president to this day. The company had the first luggage production line in Europe set up and became a market segment leader from the very beginning.

-This logo plays with perspectives: it features a red capital P, standing upright. The shadow it casts reveals the capital letter S, in yellow, turquoise (or green) and blue.
-This brand denotes a series of gaming consoles developed and sold by one of the biggest tech companies in the world. The brand was first released in Japan in 1994 and now has four consoles on the market under its name, plus a line of controllers, two handheld gaming devices, several magazines, a phone, and a media center.

-The logo is a stylized capital A (or a Delta-like shape), cut out from a three-dimensional red square.
-This American software company derives its name from the Spanish word for mud brick. It’s based in San Jose, California, and has been producing multimedia and creativity software since the very beginning. It was founded in 1982 by two former Xerox employees and was at the forefront of the desktop publishing revolution, through an association with Apple in the mid-80s.

-The logo is the brands name, written in yellow block letters on a blue rectangle.
-This Swedish brand is the world’s best known seller of ready-to-assemble furniture – in fact, it has pioneered the concept and changed the world purchases furniture. In January 2008 it officially became the biggest seller of furniture in the whole world. It was founded by a 17 year-old man in 1943.

-It is the stylized face of a woman, her features drawn in brown lines and the rest of her visage beige. The woman has her eyes closed and her face is enveloped by her long hair.
-This line of skin care products belongs to Procter & Gamble and in 2009 it accounted for some $2.8 billion of Procter & Gamble’s revenue of $79 billion. The brand originated in South Africa, from the work of a former Unilever chemist who coined the term ‘oil of Olay’, as a spin on the ingredient ‘lanolin’.

-It is the brand name written in dark red capital letters. The brand’s name stands inside an elongated, horizontal geometric shape with rounded edges.
-This consumer electronics brand from Japan is best known for the gaming consoles it produced. It is now the biggest video game company in the world, although it took its executives a lot of forays into various fields (such as handmade cards, cabs, and love hotels) before they settled on gaming. In Japanese, its name means “leave luck to heaven”.

-The logo is a silver or metallic grey geometric shape, made up of two sections: the bottom one which looks like the letter U, and the upper part, which looks like a trapeze with rounded laterals.
-This automotive brand is based in Romania and draws its name from the historic region that was once located on the territory of the modern country. It is owned by French automotive group Renault and it’s Romania’s largest exporter. In 2011, it accounted for 7.9 per cent of the country’s total exports.

-The logo is a blue circle with four horizontal white lines across.
-This company specializes in imaging products, both for personal use, as well as for business and industrial purposes. It makes copiers, lasers printers, multi-functional peripherals, and digital print systems. It also makes LCD film, optical lenses, X-ray systems and film, 3D digitizers, textile printers and many others. It was founded in 2003 and is based in Japan.

Minute Maid
-The logo is the brand’s name, written in white, custom-designed capital letters, against the background of a black rectangle with a white border.
-Known in some parts of the world as Cappy or Fruitopia, this brand sells beverages – all sorts of soft drinks, but most prominently lemonade and orange juice. It was the first ever company to sell orange juice concentrate. Today, it’s owned by the Coca-Cola company and it’s the biggest seller of fruit juices in the world.

-It is a stylized white capital Y against the background of a purple round shape, followed by an exclamation mark.
-This internet corporation based in Sunnyvale, California, is known for its web portal, search engine, mail service, and instant messaging client. Several estimates peg the number of monthly visitors the site receives at 700 million people. The company claims to attract over half a billion consumers each month, in over 30 languages.

-It features a black scroll with white borders, with a red five-point star above and a three green leaves underneath it.
-It’s “probably the best beer in the world” – a pale lager, with 5 per cent alcohol by volume. It’s produced by a Dutch brewing company and was first brewed by a man whose last name is now the brand’s anme, in 1873. Its ingredients include purified water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.

-The logo consists of the brand name written in dark blue cursive, with the letters ‘Kl’ right in the beginning.
-This brand is most closely associated with paper tissues, but it also makes toilet paper, tampons, diapers, and paper towels. In the United States, the brand’s name has come to be used as a genericized trademark for facial tissues. The products, however, are sold in over 170 countries around the world.

-The logo is a red circular shape, with two ovals inside it, a vertical and a horizontal one. Together, the two ovals inside form the letter T.
-This Japanese carmaker employs over 333,000 people worldwide. In 2014 it was named the world’s 14th biggest company by revenue and in 2012 it was the largest carmaker in the world. Also, it was the first ever carmaker to produce more than 10 million vehicles per year.

-The logo is a blue geometric shape, similar to half a trapeze. Toward the right-hand side of the logo there’s the capital letter P in white.
-Founded in 1972, in Germany, this company specializes in software and programming – namely in cloud computing. According to Forbes, it’s one of the world’s top 30 most valuable brands and employs over 64,000 staff.

-The logo is made up of the word ‘You’ in black letters, on top of a red rectangle with rounded sides.
-This company was founded in 2005 by three guys who had worked for PayPal until then. They sold it to Google late in 2006 and it’s the biggest platform for sharing videos on the web. At the time it was purchased, its worth stood at $1.65 billion.

-One of the most famous logos in history, it is a silver circle, with three similarly colored lines inside it, which meet at the center of the circle.
-Part of the Daimler AG group, this brand produces buses, coaches, trucks, and luxury personal vehicles. The company is part of Germany’s ‘Big 4’ – the world’s foremost makers of luxury cars, both in terms of worth, as well as in terms of sales.

-The logo consists of two black rhombuses superimposed, which create a third white rhumbus in the middle.
-This company is an Italian manufacturer of sportswear, which distributes its products to over 60 countries around the world. It was founded in the seventies, in the Italian town of Montebelluna and is now based in Treviso.

-The logo has the shape of a coat of arms, with a yellow edge and most of its surface brown.
-This international shipping company is one of the world’s largest logistics and shipment brands. Its headquarters are located in Sandy Springs, Georgia, in the Greater Atlanta metropolitan area. Over 15 million packages a day are delivered by this company to over 220 countries around the world.

-The logo consists of three blue vertical lines inside a white circle with a thick blue border.
-This German financial services company is based in Munich, Germany. Since 2013, it has been holding the title of the world’s largest insurer and the 11th largest financial services group in the world. By 2012 revenue, it’s the largest financial services company in the world.

-The logo suggests voyages into outer space: a blue starry circle, with a white orbiting comet inside, and a spearhead-like red shape on top.
-The world’s top space exploration agency was set up by then U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower in 1958. Since it’s not a military agency, its aim from the get-go was to encourage peaceful space science research.

-The logo is the profile silhouette of a young boy rod fishing as he sits on a crescent moon.
-This logo belongs to a film studio based in California, which has produced over ten films thus far that have managed to gross over $100 million. Most of their films are marketed and distributed by Disney. It all started out in 1994, at Steven Spielberg’s initiative to create a new studio.

-This distinctive logo is a circle with a gold and navy border and an inner circle divided into two. The left half is light blue, with a red vertical cross, while the right-hand half is a darker blue, with a green snake, a sword with a red handle and a golden crown.
-Founded in 1910, in Milan, Italy, this car brand was owned by the country’s state holding company for over five decades. It has been a part of the Fiat group since 1986. Aside from automobile production, the company is also involved in car racing and builds expensive sports cars.

-The logo is a dark blue rectangle, with the brand name written on it in block white letters.
-This global skincare and cosmetics brand is owned by the German Beiersdorf company. It was founded in the late 19th century, when its owner developed the skin cream that would later become Eucerit – and even later the cream that lends the brand its name. The name means ‘snow white’ in Latin.

-The logo features two concentric circles: inside the inner white circle there’s the green silhouette of an arrow with a wing. The first circle is bordered by a second thick black circle.
-This Czech carmaker was bought by the Volkswagen Group in 2000. By 2012, it had sold over 900,000 cars. It has facilities in several locations around the world, including Russia and Kazakhstan, but does not sell vehicles in North America.

-It features a sphere made out of puzzle pieces. Several pieces at the top are missing and each piece has got a character or letter on it.
-Founded in 2001 by Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger, this is the world’s foremost Internet encyclopedia. It’s entirely written by volunteer contributors and has over 4.5 million articles in the English language alone. It features pieces in 287 languages.

-The logo is a red arrowhead with a white circle toward the end. Inside the white circle there’s the black capital letter D.
-This brand belongs to the company Goodyear and it’s been making tires since 1985. It produces tires for passenger vehicles, light trucks, and off-road vehicles. Throughout its history, it has had to readjust several times, given the competitive field in which it activates.

-The logo consists of three golden squiggles that suggest a wing or female hair.
-This logo belongs to a hair care products brand owned by Procter & Gamble. It was initially introduced in Switzerland, in the 1940s and it derives its name from panthenol, one of the main ingredients it uses in producing its world-renowned shampoos. Kelly LeBrock was one of the brand’s TV ambassadors in the 1980s.

Corona extra
-The logo is a yellow crown with a small cross on top.
-This is the logo of a pale lager produced in Mexico. It’s one of the best-selling beers in the entire world, even though in the U.S. it’s sold by a different company altogether. Outside Mexico, it’s usually served with a wedge of lime or lemon.

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