You’ve just discovered Logos Quiz Game and became quite obsessed with it? Three hints are just not enough to get you through the whole game or maybe you simply don’t want to make use of them? Good news: we’ve got the solution to it all and are revealing all answers for all levels of the quiz! However, we’re not taking out the fun and the thrill of the game, so enjoy the Logo Quiz AnswersLevel 1 below before you decide to take on the next level.

We don’t encourage cheating, so check up your own knowledge before going through the Logo Quiz Level 1 Answers listed below!

Louis Vuitton
Calvin Klein
Burger King
Pizza Hut
Red Bull

Louis Vuitton – L and V capital letters. The name Louis Vuitton was supposed to be also present but eliminated for the quiz sake.
Quiksilver – White wave and mountain in a red square. The name Quiksilver was removed from the logo for obvious reasons. The most frequent mistake is spelling Quicksilver.
Calvin Klein – C and K black letters.
Citroen – 2 silver chevron symbols in a gray square. The word “Citroen” written with red letters was removed.
Starbucks – Old logo with the green circle and black and white siren in it.
Barbie – Pink letter B represents the beginning of the entire logo of Barbie.
IBM – Capital letter M with blue and white stripes. The logo of IBM consists in all 3 letters but to make your live difficult the developers excluded I and B letters.
Michelin – Fat man waiving. Michelin text on blue was removed from the logo.
Nike – Nike swoosh is well known.
HP – Blue square with a white circle in it. ‘hp’ letters and the word ‘invent’ were removed from the logo.
Blockbuster – Blue ripped label without orange ‘blockbuster’ text.
Volkswagen – Silver V and W on top of each other in a blue circle.
Canon – The logo shows only C and O letters in black.
Intel – Blue circle with letter l in it.
Microsoft – Letters o and s in black fonts.
BMW – Black white and blue circle. The letters BMW were removed from the logo.
Burger King – Orange empty hamburger.
Reebok – 3 blue lines.
Skype – Blue cloud logo. The text ‘skype’ was removed.
Samsung – Blue ellipse with a letter A in it.
McDonald’s – Yellow M in a red square.
MTV – Black capital letter M logo.
Flickr – ‘kr’ letters. Blue k letter and pink r. The logo has the word flickr in it normally.
Pringles – Funny man with mustache. Mind the correct spelling. Pringels is wrong.
Pizza Hut – Red hut logo with Pizza Hut text being removed.
Kellogg’s – Red letter k. Most of the people forget about the double l or double g when writing the name of the logo.
Levi’s – Simply red unknown geometrical figure with angles and curves in this logo.
eBay – Letters e and y in red and green.
Nescafe – Capital black letter logo.
Nissan – Logo with silver circle and a silver rectangle in which was supposed to have Nissan word.
Amazon – White letter ‘a’ with an orange smile underneath. The only logo unchanged by developers.
Twitter – Well known blue bird logo.
L’Oreal – Logo with L’O letters.
Red Bull – 2 red bulls and an orange circle.

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