Well, this word – image puzzle features words, symbols and drawings in the same image and after you put them all together, you have to come up with a word, or two words. Since you are on the What’s the Saying Witty Level 43 answers and hints page, it seems that you need some help with this. So let’s give you an extra clue: the answer represents something all vampires are afraid of and which can kill them. Well, all except Edward. It actually makes Edward glow. Are you getting enough clues, or do you want us to cut to the chase and give you the solution and the hints which explain the logic behind the puzzle?

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What’s the Saying Witty Level 43 Answers


Broad Daylight Saying Witty

Hints: - What we have here is the word “Daylight” written on the upper part of the image, and the same word, written on the bottom part. However, notice that the one written below is stretched to fit the full width of the image and also has a double – direction arrow under it, which suggests the word is being stretched. Can we have something like a “stretched daylight”? No, but we can have a “broad daylight.” - Something that happens “in broad daylight” happens during the day, in open light, visibly, easily to be seen or noticed.